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Default window views - 04/22/02 12:50 AM

How exactly does one set this? I assumed the OS just uses the same view settings as the last window that was opened contained (i.e. Column view, for my needs). Such is the case on my G4/867. However, my PB G4/550 stubbornly refuses to change the default New Window view... presenting me with giant icons and a missing toolbar by default instead. Any easy way to change this to my preferred Columns?<br><br>
Posted by: six_of_one

Re: Default window views - 04/22/02 01:32 PM

Try this:<br><br>From the Finder:<br><br>Finder Menu -> Finder Preferences -> Keep a window's view the same when opening other folders in the window<br><br>At least I *think* that's what's doing it on my system =)<br><br>***matt<br><br>
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Re: Default window views - 04/22/02 08:08 PM

I have half of the same problem. I want the column view to always show. But hwen I double click a folder or open a server it is either in "big icon" or "os9" view, never column unless it is parked in the dock and not really closed.<br>My toolbar is there so I'm halfway there but I haven't found the "always open in column" view button.<br><br>Paul Morrison ... truth should never get in the way of a good story
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Re: Default window views - 04/23/02 05:46 AM

I think that preferences generally are something that Apple has to work on in a future version of X. One example, minor but typical: I sometimes play a mindless game called MacSolitaire, usually when I'm wired but tired--so I like it to tell me when there are no further moves that I can make cause I don't really want to pay much attention to what I'm doing. Well, every now and then the app simply forgets that I've set the preferences, so I have to click on Preferences, uncheck the automatic notification, recheck it, and then close the preferences window. There's no pattern to the forgetting, either. Sometimes it'll forget from one hand to the next, and sometimes it won't forget unless I've logged out and logged back in.<br><br>And that's true too.--Shakespeare, King Lear
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Re: Default window views - 04/23/02 02:47 PM

My Tower doesn't have that option set, six_of_one, and column view has made itself the default. Setting that option doesn't help the PB, either. <br><br>Ah well... we wait for 10.2!<br><br>
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Re: Default window views - 04/23/02 03:45 PM

Yeah, go figure =P<br><br>Much of X still needs polishing =)<br><br>***matt<br><br>