Updatus Interruptus!

Posted by: steveg

Updatus Interruptus! - 03/14/13 09:14 PM

Is it me? The other day I had that problem with the Office 2011 update. But it was fixed fairly quickly. Today Software Update tells me that OS 10.8.3 is available. So I start the process on the Mini and fire up the MBP to do the same. As I'm watching both screens, I notice that the d/l on the MacBook is more than twice the size of the d/l in progress on the Mini. Huh?

Next thing I know, the MBP shows an error message saying the update couldn't be installed because the file couldn't be expanded, and that it would retry the next time I launched SU. And then it restarted itself.

In the meantime, the update completed successfully on the Mini. So when the MBP rebooted, I opened SU again, and it said "No updates available". So now I have 10.8.3 on one machine, and 10.8.2 on t'other, and can't get an update!

I guess I'll try again tomorrow. Weird. crazy
Posted by: MacBozo

Re: Updatus Interruptus! - 03/14/13 10:51 PM

Check "About this Mac" on the MBP and see what it says?
Posted by: steveg

Re: Updatus Interruptus! - 03/14/13 10:56 PM

I did when it rebooted after the fail. 10.8.2. The update couldn't install. I'm just gonna try again in the morning.
Posted by: MacBozo

Re: Updatus Interruptus! - 03/14/13 11:41 PM

That's odd indeed. The reboot usually means that it installed.
Posted by: yoyo52

Re: Updatus Interruptus! - 03/15/13 12:09 AM

Downloaded it via Macupdate--no probs.
Posted by: drjohn

Re: Updatus Interruptus! - 03/15/13 12:24 AM

Downloaded with Software Update. No problems confused
Posted by: steveg

Re: Updatus Interruptus! - 03/15/13 02:04 AM

What's odd is that there were no problems with the Mini. And I've tried the d/l from MacUpdate, Cnet, and Apple. All deliver a corrupted dog and SU still says no updates available. I even d/l'd the dmg on the mini and transferred it to the MBP via thumb drive. Same error message: "image data corrupted". I'm completely stymied.
Posted by: Reboot

Re: Updatus Interruptus! - 03/15/13 06:30 AM

Sounds like a house call. smirk

I'd like to take look at the logs. We might want to test RAM too.

I'd say put the mini into Target Disk mode and boot the MBP from that and see if it installs, to see if it's a corrupt system or bad hardware, but your FW port is blown. I wonder if a thunderbolt to FW adapter would work.

Talk to you Friday sometime. I have some other ideas.
Posted by: steveg

Re: Updatus Interruptus! - 03/15/13 10:19 AM

Yeah, the last time I ran DW, I had to connect the MBP to the LaCie and boot into the external to get it done. That was because the FireWire port on the Thunderbolt display wouldn't see the Mini in Target mode, either. I wonder, can TM work over an ethernet cable?

Anywho, I'm gonna be on a conf call starting at 2 today, so call me and we'll figure out a time.

In the meantime, I might see what happens if I d/l and expand the installer on the Mini and then copy it over to the MBP.
Posted by: steveg

Re: Updatus Interruptus! - 03/15/13 11:46 AM

Did more digging and found a few discussions related to problematic update downloads, and in a few cases, bad router connections or configs were contributing factors. So I power cycled my modem and wireless router, and rebooted both Macs. Then I went back to Cnet and d/l'd the updater again. This time the dmg was solid, and the update was successful. Go figure... crazy
Posted by: Reboot

Re: Updatus Interruptus! - 03/15/13 01:06 PM

Learn something new every day. Glad you got it. cool
Posted by: steveg

Re: Updatus Interruptus! - 03/15/13 01:17 PM

Back in the mid-80's I had an Amiga. Was having some problems with it and took it to the dealer to see if he could fix it. He powered it up in the store and, like the rattle in your car that stops when you take it to the garage, it was fine. I asked him if he had any idea why. He said, "Sometimes they just wanna go out for a ride." laugh
Posted by: steveg

Re: Updatus Interruptus! - 03/18/13 07:09 PM

An update: A few weeks ago Time Warner had to send a tech to my house with a new cable box because I was having frequent signal stalling across all channels. He set it up and ran diagnostics on my line and left, saying all seemed up to spec. Within a day, the problem resumed. So I called them again today.

While I was on the phone, I was also attempting a TurboTax update which kept failing.

So with the CSR still on the line, I power cycled the modem again, and waddaya know, update successful. It's pretty obvious now that I've got a line problem, because the stalling TV picture, and corrupted dmgs and failed updates started happening at about the same time.

'Nuther visit scheduled for tomorrow or Wednesday. Will be interesting to see if TWC comes up with a fix instead of an excuse this time. smirk