Office 365

Posted by: yoyo52

Office 365 - 02/12/13 06:49 PM

Ever since the last Office update, I've been getting notices on my laptop and desktop both that Office 365 has crashed. Sometimes the crashing happens time after time after time and it's a PITA. I had no idea what Office 365 is, buI figured it had something to do with the cloud-based "upgrade" to Office, and I guess that I was right.

Guess who's not going to be depending on the MS cloud service.
Posted by: steveg

Re: Office 365 - 02/12/13 08:24 PM

This is what I've seen a few times after doing the MS software update:
Office 365Service has encountered an error and needs to close
The generic app icon (meaning it's not installed or activated) is in my Office folder. I'm loath to trash it not knowing what the consequences might be. I looked through every Library folder that might contain a file that I could delete. Nada. Nothing in Log In Items, either. I found one tip that suggested disabling it in Activity Monitor, but it doesn't show up in that pane.

That said, there was another update last night (14.3.1), which I installed and so far, I haven't seen that error message today.

MS is like the Repugnican party. They'll try anything to stay relevant. wink