Firefox is dying!

Posted by: MacBozo

Firefox is dying! - 01/22/13 12:29 AM

Just tried to access with FF 18.0.1 and it repeatedly crashed. Safari had no problem. Time to clean up my FF bookmarks and move back to Safari.
Posted by: yoyo52

Re: Firefox is dying! - 01/22/13 03:49 AM

I got on OK with FF. This stuff still borders on the magical, I think.
Posted by: steveg

Re: Firefox is dying! - 01/22/13 11:45 AM

Have you tried Aurora? I've been using it a bit and it's wicked fast and stable. Safari is still my default, though.
Posted by: kenglade

Re: Firefox is dying! - 01/22/13 06:15 PM

I've been having trouble with FF since the latest upgrade a week or so ago, It wouldn't let me into a site I'd been using for years. On the other hand, Safari would

Dug into Time Machine and restored FF from a week or so before the latest update and it solved my problem.

FF is almost as bad as Adobe about nagging with updates.
Posted by: MacGizmo

Re: Firefox is dying! - 01/22/13 06:33 PM

I occasionally use Firefox, but I use the beta version (which auto-updates). Safari is still my default though.
Posted by: musicalmarv7

Re: Firefox is dying! - 01/25/13 10:38 AM

Firefox is a dam good browser ad I never had any problem with it at all. Safari i did.