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Various Widgets, free - 05/26/01 07:06 PM

Needful things:<br><br>"MacDICT lets you access a growing number of databases, including Websters Dictionary, for free! Other databases include the US Gazetter, Free Online Dictionary of Computing, The Elements, and the Bible. NOTE: BabelFish doesn't work correctly in this version, there will be an update available shortly"<br><br><br>G¥Sound 1.1: "Software for controlling the sound level input and output. The G¥Sound control panel provides more accurate control of your sound volume than the built in Sound control panel."<br><br><br>MacUptime: logs just what it says, uptime<br> <br>It requires PPC, at least Mac OS 8.6 and CarbonLib 1.2... Will run natively under Mac OS X.<br><br>Econ Calculator: "This is a simple to use calculator which has settings to make both single auto calculations or multiple calculations. Econ Calculator has the addition of a few options such being able to save your calculations as a text file and having the facility to print it, multiple calculations are written into a simulated paper roll at the bottom of the calculator and can be saved as a text file or printed out from the "Print" menu. Calculations possible include addition, subtraction, division, multiplication and square root. Also, double-clicking over an entry in the paper roll will copy that value directly into the main calculation field." <br><br><br>Mactracker: provides detailed information on every Mac ever made, including items such as processor speed, memory, and expansion options. It also sports a built-in update engine to insure the database is always up-to-date. Also included are specs for Apple displays plus inket and laser printers.<br>For Mac OS 8.5 - 9:<br><br>For Mac OS X:<br><br><br>of course, i could go on for hours... post your fave widget here<br><br>¥À¥
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More Various Widgets, free - 05/26/01 10:42 PM

Natural Order: an init (extension) "Natural Order will give you the results you might expect when items are numbered and sorted into a list view. Such as a natural counting order of 1-12 instead of 1, 10, 11, 12, 2 etc. which as the read me states: "looks stupid, and it's because the System is just sorting the names lexicographically."<br><br><br>Desktop Screenshots "Do you ever find yourself taking a screenshot or a picture of a specific window using command-shift-3 or command-shift-4 (for a user-defined area of the screen) then having to go to the top level (actually known as 'root') of your hard drive to retrieve it? This can be annoying. This simple extension will place those pictures directly on your desktop for easy access."<br><br><br>NoAliasBadge (compatible with Mac OS 9.1) "by Ouzak (Kazuo Saito) "If you installed MacOS 8.5 on your Macintosh, and your Mac looks like the other window system, please try this." In other words it will remove the Alias "arrow" Apple introduced in Mac OS 8.5 and later from the icons."<br><br><br>oh, and lest anyone ask about stability issues, let me categorically state that any and all these widgets that i have posted work perfectly with Mac OS 9.1 (and earlier Mac OS versions, to a point, but get 9.1 and be happy) and i have installed them on any number of various Macs... <br><br><br>¥À¥
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Re: Various Widgets, free - 05/27/01 09:07 PM

some of my favorite widgets for Mac OS 8-9.1:<br><br>Eric's Launcher: a control strip application launcher and monitor... does more than that... it's cool:<br><br><br>World Clock Deluxe: know what time it is where your friend in cyberspace are, very very helpful....<br><br><br>That's enough for now...<br><br>Used to be at that other Mac website... like it here now.