Problems burning CD-R's

Posted by: Anonymous

Problems burning CD-R's - 03/25/02 04:24 PM

I have one of the new dual 1ghz powermac and am having trouble burning CD's. So far I have had only two disks burn sucessfully (a completely generic blank top CDR and one of the Verbaitum disks that came with my system). I have made costers with digital research, verbaitum, compusa black, and memorex disks in both OSX.1.3 and OS9.2.2. The disks seems to burn fine, but when the verification is finished the "unable to read disk" message pops up and asks me what kind of disk I want to create. All the data space that I burned is gone, but it can not be read by a mac or a pc!<br>Help Please. <br><br><br>
Posted by: sean

Re: Problems burning CD-R's - 04/20/02 04:56 AM

this is not a good sign (duh!). i have a dual 800 machine and a ti-book and i burn using both of them. i've probably burned about 200 CDs and i have not had one toaster (knock on wood). i have used the cd-burning app built into the finder and i have used toast. always successful in os x and i am using the cheapest blank CDs i could find. i think you should have it looked at.<br><br>[color:blue] -sean</font color=blue>
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Re: Problems burning CD-R's - 04/21/02 03:36 PM

I have the 933 with 1.25Gig of ram and have not been able to burn using apples app. since 10.1.2. I got toast titanium 5.1.3 and it works very well. I don't think the brand of blank makes much difference, as I use whats handy.<br><br>933 MHz, 17" lcd
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Re: Problems burning CD-R's - 04/22/02 02:07 AM

I can burn just fine using Apple's Disk Burner and Toast in OS 9 with an old Que USB CD-R writer using just about any media... but I have to make the burner brun at 2x speed, due to the USB speed limitations...<br><br>I'd think that perhaps you just have to keep playing with it to learn the best speeds to burn at, and the type of disk your burning might affect it. For example, try burning a data disk, an audio disk, and mp3 disk, etc... all using Toast and see what happens as you try faster and faster speeds...<br><br>
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Re: Problems burning CD-R's - 04/22/02 04:42 AM

In X I've given up on Toast and use only DiskCopy to burn CDs. It has yet to fail me.<br><br>And that's true too.--Shakespeare, King Lear
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Re: Problems burning CD-R's - 04/22/02 11:36 AM

I've not been able to burn one CD with the iMac with Toast, or iTunes, or DiscBurner or anything. It's got the built in CD-RW, and in OSX, it just doesn't work. Pathetic.<br><br><br>
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Re: Problems burning CD-R's - 04/22/02 04:00 PM

Have you tried with DiskCopy, Cipher?<br><br>And that's true too.--Shakespeare, King Lear