"Macs Are PC's, Da**it!"

Posted by: RadioC1ash

"Macs Are PC's, Da**it!" - 10/20/08 03:18 PM

PCs are not Macs, darnit!

In the October issue of PCMagazine, editor Lance Ulanoff takes on the rampantly popular "I'm a Mac. And I'm a PC," adds in his article "Macs Are PC's, Dammit!". He manages to make the point, albeit crudely, but leaves the reader with some disinformation and no real substance to back up his initial assertion.
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Re: "Macs Are PC's, Da**it!" - 10/20/08 04:51 PM

well, if you get literal a PC is a Personal Computer, so, technically, a mac running os x, aside from a "server" is a PC.

I think, over the years, the term PC has been badly misused and doesn't really even have a true definition... Apple is trying hard to say that the Mac is not a PC, and use that to their advantage, and before that, it was used as a disadvantage towards Apple. However, I think the terms PC and Mac will slowly disappear and everything will be called something else, maybe just a computer, I dunno.
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Re: "Macs Are PC's, Da**it!" - 10/21/08 05:01 PM

As I said in my rebuttal, if Apple wanted to make it a strictly accurate add campaign, it would go like this:

"I'm a Mac. And I'm not."
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Re: "Macs Are PC's, Da**it!" - 10/22/08 12:13 AM

Which, I think, at this point, would be a good move for them. People are starting to realize the benefits of a mac. Everyone I talk to it seems is getting a mac these days.