Leopard problem

Posted by: Tigaernach

Leopard problem - 01/06/08 08:44 PM

Hi guys, been a while since I last posted on MacMod.
I have a little problem.

I recently installed the honorable X.5 on my PowerMac G5 and now,
for some reason, ExposÚ, the Dock and Spaces don't work anymore.
I did a clean install and reformatted the disk to zeroes prior to instal-
ling Leopard, and it worked for a while but then suddenly gave up.

I thought it was a disk malfunction, since the G5's disk had been
faulty for a while, so I bought a new Samsung 500GB drive and
cloned the original disk to that using the latest Carbon Copy Cloner.
I booted off that and it still didn't seem to work, but it WAS a clone
of an install, so I'm going to try installing a fresh copy of Leopard.

Any other ideas that might be doing this? The vid card seems to be
in order.
Posted by: oojacoboo

Re: Leopard problem - 01/07/08 04:43 AM

hmm, if its something with expose┤ and spaces, I am leaning not towards a disk issue or a bad install, but rather a setting issue or something of that sort. The dock thing sounds interesting...

When you say, "not working" what do you mean.... more details will help here.
Posted by: Tigaernach

Re: Leopard problem - 01/07/08 07:25 AM

Well, it's... Not working. smile
When I go to the settings for either of the features (dashboard
gave out too, btw), I can enable them but they just don't seem
to respond. I tried the command-alt-D shortcut for the dock, tried
manually entering Spaces or Dashboard or exposÚ, but they just
don't seem to notice this is their cue to appear.
I entered the System Setting for Spaces, and it told me Spaces was
"off". So I turn it on, exit the control panel, press the Spaces hotkey,
and... Nothing happens. When I enter the System Settings again,
it tells me Spaces is "off" again.
Posted by: Waragainstsleep

Re: Leopard problem - 01/07/08 08:55 AM

Have you checked your PRAM battery?
Posted by: Tigaernach

Re: Leopard problem - 01/07/08 03:26 PM

Would something like that cause this problem? I thought
the PRAM battery only kept the internal clock going and
preserved RAM or something...
Wouldn't there be some kind of warning on bootup and
wouldn't the internal clock be reset?

THX for the replies btw.
Posted by: Waragainstsleep

Re: Leopard problem - 01/07/08 06:49 PM

Internal clock would only reset if you pull the plug out of the wall (maybe you did).
Its more likely to be software to be honest, Leopard can be flaky as an upgrade on PPC machines. Clean installs are more reliable, but even they are not as bullet-proof as Tiger or Panther installs.
I have seen one or two machines which did not like it at all no matter what I tried. They were G4s for the most part though.
Try resetting your PRAM.
Also check the system logs to see if they say anything.
Posted by: Tigaernach

Re: Leopard problem - 01/07/08 07:50 PM

I'll try that, will give an update if it helps. Thanks everyone!
Posted by: Tigaernach

Re: Leopard problem - 01/07/08 09:07 PM

No luck resetting the PRAM also. Any more suggestions? ;D
Posted by: Waragainstsleep

Re: Leopard problem - 01/07/08 11:09 PM

Did you try a clean user account?
Posted by: oojacoboo

Re: Leopard problem - 01/08/08 05:40 PM

I would probably go ahead and wipe it clean and try another fresh install. You could try repairing permissions as well. My guess is you have a corrupted core animation module or OpenGL.
Posted by: burtman

Re: Leopard problem - 01/13/08 01:16 AM

Leopard upgrade failed for me on a G5 due to a divX quicktime component - finder just wouldn't come up until I logged in across ssh and removed the offending file.

It is pretty unlikely from your description of the symptoms that you have the same problem though but thought I would mention it just in case.

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