"TypeStyler X" for OSX ...FINALLY!

Posted by: Phosphor

"TypeStyler X" for OSX ...FINALLY! - 10/14/09 05:33 PM

For those of you who have used and loved TypeStyler, I'm sure you've been miffed—like I have—that the long-promised version which will run natively in OS X has been delayed longer than just about any application ever promised. Sure would like to know what took so long, but that doesn't matter...it's finally here!

Well, buzz has been a little slow to build, but tomorrow is the day!

TypeStyler X becomes available tomorrow, 15 October 2009.

Here's the most up-to-the-minute info I can find:

Ted Landau, The Mac Observer: "The Return of Typestyler"
AggiornaMac: "TypeStyler, Preview the First Screens" (Google-translated Italian--->English)
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Re: "TypeStyler X" for OSX ...FINALLY! - 10/15/09 09:38 PM

I had a Firefox tab parked on the TypeStyler site late last night (actually, about 3:00 am EDT). I refreshed every couple minutes and witnessed things going live almost as soon as they were added to the site.

Grabbed a demo copy as soon as I saw the "Download Now" button became available. (Side note: Kee-Ripes-A'Mighty, those buttons are fugly!)

It works, and there are some nice new goodies, but there are some odd behaviors and some VERY obvious things missing in comparison to v 3.7.2 (which was released in August of 1998!)

Currently trying to write out my initial impressions in review form and take/edit screenshots. Also, I'm trying to get an answer from the developers about the best way to provide feedback and otherwise engage them in a dialogue about any issues with this new version.
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Re: "TypeStyler X" for OSX ...FINALLY! - 10/15/09 10:07 PM

Yes, please.
Very interested with your impressions.
I used to love it, but it seems a bit expensive now.
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Re: "TypeStyler X" for OSX ...FINALLY! - 10/15/09 11:35 PM

Go get the 60-day demo and have a play, Man!

It'd be kinda nice to compare notes with other users here.