OmniWeb is now FREE

Posted by: zwei

OmniWeb is now FREE - 02/25/09 03:29 AM

Posted by: SteveS

Re: OmniWeb is now FREE - 02/25/09 04:09 PM

Nice. But, since it's no longer in development, I don't think I'd interested. I never understood why Omniweb was always significantly slower despite using the same Webkit engine.

Oh well, they did do a good job of showing what a "professional" browser could be. It was just silly to think there was a business model for trying to sell a web browser in the first place though.
Posted by: zwei

Re: OmniWeb is now FREE - 02/26/09 06:13 AM

I figure it'll get some updates here and there. Hard to outperform in the current browser war though. LOTS of innovation going on, and fast. With such great FREE products out there I don't blame them for this move either.

I'll be sticking with Safari's been good to me since day 1.