Xvid codec

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Xvid codec - 12/11/08 04:23 AM

I don't have any xvid files on hand... I'm in a Dallas hotel right now... but I was tweaking some stuff on my MBP and was in QT prefs and saw a link for 3rd party plug ins. I follow it to this page...


and then to this page...


Sorry, I'm a bit lost sometimes as to all of todays codecs.... but if here isn't a Xvid codec for OS X, why does Apple have a link to their site?

Is there an xvid codec for QT?
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Re: Xvid codec - 12/11/08 01:32 PM

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Re: Xvid codec - 12/12/08 05:38 AM

Okay, After reading NG's post I was trying to figure out why I could play xvid yet I don't have a plug in for it, I have Perian installed.

Sometimes the obvious escapes me.
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Re: Xvid codec - 12/12/08 02:20 PM

Perian ROCKS ..it's so easily installed, updated, removed and it adds so much functionality it's usually one of the first things I install. That and Quicksilver.