Anyone here use DropBox?

Posted by: zwei

Anyone here use DropBox? - 10/09/08 08:54 PM

I had read about this service back when it was a closed beta. Well, it's out now and I decided to try it out today. I've been wanting an easy way to keep my 1Password data synced between several computers and this looks like the solution for me at the moment. If you want to learn more about DropBox you can go to and watch the introduction video on their site. Here are some of the highlighted features. <br><br>1. Instant sync between Mac, Windows, and Linux computers<br>2. Free account has 2GB of storage<br>3. Public folders that allow you to share the download links with anyone via email, IM, etc. <br>4. Share feature lets you collaborate with other DropBox users you select<br>5. Upload/Download directly from their sleek web interface<br>6. Quick uploads ...only the parts of a file that changed are uploaded. Not the WHOLE file every time.<br>7. Revisions are saved so you can go back to a previous version of a file. <br><br>Give it a look at least. I'm sure several of you can find a use for it.<br><br>zweisoft<br>
Posted by: MacGizmo

Re: Anyone here use DropBox? - 10/10/08 01:41 PM

I wrote a <a href="">review of DropBox</a> on my Web site recently. It's fantastic! Simple, stable and soooo convenient. I love that I don't have to go through some kind of Web interface to sync items, nor do I have to "do" anything or wait for it to do anything for it to work.<br><br><a href="">[img]" alt="The Graphic Mac: OSX & design community" style="border:0[/img]</a><br><br>
Posted by: zwei

Re: Anyone here use DropBox? - 10/10/08 02:48 PM

The only thing I have found that is screwy so far is that it doesn't sync resource forks (which is kind of expected) things like .webloc files don't work on any machine except the Mac they were created on. <br><br>as far as text/image/document sync goes's great. I can't imagine Apple not looking into adding similar functionality into mobileme. <br><br>zweisoft<br>
Posted by: MacGizmo

Re: Anyone here use DropBox? - 10/11/08 02:04 AM

Something must be wrong. I use .webloc files between three Macs all the time - in fact, that's one of the main file types I use DropBox for. It works perfectly fine.<br><br>
Posted by: zwei

Re: Anyone here use DropBox? - 10/11/08 04:40 AM

hmmm ...I'll look into it!<br><br>zweisoft<br>
Posted by: eckhard

Re: Anyone here use DropBox? - 10/11/08 10:58 AM

<br>from your review:<br>"What I like about Dropbox over other services is that the files themselves reside on my computer. If I choose not to continue using Dropbox, my files are still right where I left them on my computer."<br><br>Not quite sure what that means.<br>Wouldn't any similar service have the files reside on your computer and copies of them online?<br><br>An iPhone version would be super. <br><br>----------------------------------------------------------------------------------<br>"Woe the nation, which has no heros. ...... Blessed the one, which needs none!" (Bertold Brecht)