Another Desktop Rebuild

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Another Desktop Rebuild - 05/24/01 01:38 PM

Another desktop rebuild using Tec Tools 1.2.1 Go to and click on downloads for tec tools 1.2.1<br>I use this to rebuild the desktop or zap the pram. It does a very good job. I also use diskwarrior a couple of times a month to rebuild the directory and plus optomizer to keep the disk optomized. By the way, the tec tools 1.2.1 is free.<br><br>[color:red]RedWind</font color=red>
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Re: Another Desktop Rebuild - 05/24/01 06:55 PM

I have a copy of Tech Tool Pro 3 and it is able to simply repair the desktop file instead of rebuilding it if it gets corrupted/damaged. This saves the time of rebuilding the whole file. It is also capable of rebuilding it without restart.<br><br>
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Re: Another Desktop Rebuild - 05/25/01 05:45 AM

yes the desktop can be rebuilt in several ways. Users of Conflict Catcher will know this to be true.<br><br>Also those whom use such as Resorcerer, ResEdit and other "invisible" file viewers such as File Buddy...Even Sherlock!<br>will know :<br> •That deleting the Desktop DB and Desktop DF will cause a desktop rebuild to occur at the next restart.<br> •This can be done on any partition or all partitions.<br> •Those doing this with ResEdit and Default folder installed will note that you can see and trash these "invisibles" directly from the dialog box with the keystrokes Command/Delete, followed by Enter. (note these files of course cannot be emptied from trash until after the rebuild)<br><br>..
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Re: Another Desktop Rebuild - 06/04/01 04:14 AM

Nice tip treebeard, but the desktop won't just be rebuilt on next restart, it's the next time the volume you erased the desktop from is mounted again (ie quitting the Finder, and launching it again). I often keep my zips and utility disk image healty by the old option-command while they mount, not just as I start up!<br><br>-- John Bailey (Bdog)