drawing programs for )S10.4.11

Posted by: dmfett

drawing programs for )S10.4.11 - 03/28/08 04:06 PM

I want a free or "cheep" Program to make drawing for a book project I am working on.<br><br>I want a program that have templates to help in the making of the drawing...not much of an artist but want to make a cartoon of a couple of characters I need...do not have the funding to hire an artist.<br><br>Have not checked out programs in years in this area.<br><br>Thanks<br><br><br>
Posted by: andybloom

Re: drawing programs for )S10.4.11 - 03/28/08 05:05 PM

As somebody who can't draw stickmen and stickwomen with any panache, I've found Artrage 2 to be fantastic and very affordable. It's got a tracing paper layer so you can load up photos/pictures/paintings and trace them like in infant school.<br><br>Alias SketchBook Pro is also a diamond although less intuative and more expensive.<br><br>Download the demos of each and give them a go. I couldn't recommend ArtRage more highly.<br><br><br>