Keynote Stream Up Now!

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Keynote Stream Up Now! - 01/15/08 07:55 PM

link-o<br><br>someone found it via google <br><br><br>zweisoft<br>
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Re: Keynote Stream Up Now! - 01/15/08 08:24 PM

Thanks.<br><br>On a side note, Apple shares are taking a beating, which is typical of the market right after a keynote. Apple is down 12 bucks! Perhaps the market is disappointed that Apple didn't deliver something insanely great. <br><br>It should be noted that Citigroup missed the mark by 4 billion dollars and they're dragging the market down!!! We're in a fscking recession folks.<br><br>I am happy to note that Apple is improving my life incrementally; Apple TV Take 2, iPhone/Touch updates, new QT and iTunes, yadda yadda...<br><br><br>M i c h a e l (OFI)
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Re: Keynote Stream Up Now! - 01/15/08 08:28 PM

You are happy that Apple is charging you $20 for the 5 new apps? They come free with the new ones now and free update for the iPhone.<br><br>my photos
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Re: Keynote Stream Up Now! - 01/15/08 10:09 PM

Oh yeah, I don't mind the twenty dollars. I pissed that much away at the theater last week. <br><br>I look at it as an investment in Apple, Inc. and signal of my interest in their continued development of the platform. Of course, I don't expect to pay for anymore upgrades from here on out. <br><br>The Touch has finally reached parity with the iPhone (less telephony and photography) and from February on out, we can expect the terrific software from Summerboard to begin making its debut shortly thereafter. <br><br>What I want right now more than anything is a firmware/software update that adds the functionality of my iPod camera adapter for my D70, to provide real-time previews, allowing my Touch to serve as a secondary means to examine my photographs. How cool would that be? We could zoom in on the NEFs for more accurate photo/color fidelity.<br><br><br><br>Apple's new SDK will legitimize all those skunkworks operations that sprang up overnight and more importantly, I won't have to take those stupid risks of going into the seedy internet neighborhoods to acquire a fix for my Touch. Now perhaps we'll be able to buy this software at competitive prices from iTunes Store.<br><br>Developer interest is going to skyrocket for the iPhone and the Touch reaffirming our commitment to the platform and trebling the wow factor.<br><br>Now let's get that camera functionality added to the Touch! Are you listening Apple?<br><br><br>M i c h a e l (OFI)
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Re: Keynote Stream Up Now! - 01/15/08 10:47 PM

Does anyone know if Apple handles Touch revenue "over time," the way they do with the iPhone? If not, then accounting may prevent them from giving a significant feature update for free--just like they had to charge for the WiFi N update on Macs.<br><br>I do not, however, feel that justifies the $20. It could be $2.<br><br>I also wouldn't consider $18 or $20 that much to stress over if I owned a Touch. In fact, I wish I did It's a thinner PDA than an iPhone is!<br><br>nagr[color:red]o</font color=red>mme<br><br>I require stroyent!<br> |
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Re: Keynote Stream Up Now! - 01/15/08 11:12 PM

<blockquote><font size=1>In reply to:</font><hr><p><br>I do not, however, feel that justifies the $20. It could be $2.<br><p><hr></blockquote><p>Yes, you probably hit on why they have to charge. It is Sarbanes Oxley. They would likely be breaking the law if they gave it away. 2 bucks? They burn 10 bucks administrating the transaction. It's only 20 bucks!<br><br>Complain about no GPS. That hardware is about a 20 buck add on. I would buy one of these iTouch or iPhones if they had real GPS in them. <br><br><br><br><br><br><br>
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Re: Keynote Stream Up Now! - 01/16/08 12:11 AM

Got it! Thx for the link.<br><br><br>My Wii: 5721 8516 7937 9434 (PM me if you Wii)
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Re: Keynote Stream Up Now! - 01/16/08 12:29 AM

Does anyone know if Apple handles Touch revenue "over time,"<br><br>I believe Apple posts Touch revenue at point of sale. Unlike the iPhone and AppleTV which is amortized over time.<br><br><br>M i c h a e l (OFI)
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Re: Keynote Stream Up Now! - 01/16/08 04:24 PM

Another feature I would like to see is the ability to have higher res photos in the photo gallery. Can barely zoom in before it gets blurry. Too much sizing down... let me pick what resolution to import files as... I wanna see family shots zoomed in... I wanna put some sample/portfolio pieces on there so I can whip out the iPhone and blow away prospective clients.<br><br>