OS X Browsers

Posted by: Anonymous

OS X Browsers - 05/23/01 06:31 PM

Wondered what everyone's preference is. I really need one with Real Audio capabilities...I was hoping the new I.E. might employ it...<br><br>http://www.themacmind.com
Posted by: TreeBeard

Re: OS X Browsers - 05/23/01 06:43 PM

something I never missed was Real Audio<br>removed it after they went up from version 5<br>oh yes I used the G2 version for a little while<br>but never used it since I worked out that I did not have to install it with Netscape versions 4<br><br>I refuse to use N6 ... maybe N7 when it comes<br><br>I use Mp3 player, or QuickTime to listen to/watch news <br><br>..
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Re: OS X Browsers - 05/23/01 08:26 PM

Well I'm not a fan of it, but what I am a fan of is baseball, and unfortunately the only way to catch games is through Real Audio. Outside of my need to listen to baseball games on my porch as I relax outside, I could care less about Real.<br><br>http://www.themacmind.com
Posted by: OSXaddict

OS X Browsers - 05/24/01 04:30 AM

I prefer Omniweb. Even though I downloaded the new IE...just the thought of using any MS products sends shivers up my neck <br><br>
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Re: OS X Browsers - 05/24/01 01:09 PM

I totally agree- and while the new IE does appear faster once it boots, man it seems to take awhile to do even that...<br><br>http://www.themacmind.com