Mac users in the USA have ...

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Mac users in the USA have ... - 05/23/01 06:30 AM

no idea, when it comes to the selling of Macs<br><br>I have been reading about the new retail stores and about the reseller reaction and this and that, but let me tell you about mac retail in Australia.<br><br>My local Apple reseller has no computers you can look at, no sales people you can talk to, no software you can look at and no peripherals you can sample. The receptionist can hand you a photocopied sheet stating prices and configurations for a new computer, and if you decide to purchase it could be there for you in a little as two weeks.<br><br>I've read about CompUSA and the MAC experiance in the US everyday, but let me tell you ... well actualy it appears I already did.<br><br>For the rest of us around the world our hope of being able to by a Mac in the future revolves around success in the US. I wish that Apple would put money into growing its overseas markets so this US reliance was diminished.<br><br>So for US residents who want to bemoan your percieved lack of access to Macs, spare a thought about the rest of us who only dream of an Apple retail store being opened in our country.<br><br>
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You will never.. - 05/24/01 04:35 AM

hear me complain about apple stores. I live less than a mile from a local mac store.. and I love it<br><br><br>
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Re: Booby's comments - 05/25/01 01:59 AM

Well, at the risk of falling victim to trollbait...<br><br>I'm in Newcastle Australia, and our AppleCenter has plenty of stuff, they're more than happy for you to try it, they've shown up in the middle of shopping centers demoing stuff on Saturdays... they've even LENT me their demo stuff before (and I'm talking the good stuff too!) - could it just be the area you're in??... no offense ;-) but I can't fault my AppleCenter!<br><br>I guess service is probably going to depend on a lot of factors (like how well a reseller can resell for example!) but we're all on the curve... and I guess at the moment the Apple Retail Stores are at the top. And yes, I'm sure the US (and UK? and Japan?) scene is different - but just remember, like in life, there's always someone better off than you... and someone worse off too...<br><br>Besides, no matter what, I could never give up my Mac! (except for a bigger faster Mac of course... hehehe)<br><br>
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Re:an Aussie comments - 05/25/01 06:08 AM

my my you are a lucky man <br> Waratah eh Nice name for a town, must be nice in the bush there.<br>At least I live in the same state <br><br>..
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Re: yeah... - 05/25/01 06:11 AM

however that still leaves me 500 miles from one<br><br>..