Posted by: Leslie

yikes - 11/14/06 09:14 PM

What the h3ll is drive cleaner. I just got a pop-up that would not quit saying all sites I have visited could comprimise my credit blah blah blah. It maximized my firefox window and I could not close it. I had to force quit. What is this thing and where did it come from and should I have drive cleaner installed? Sheesh, it was really wierd!!<br><br>
Posted by: trey

Re: yikes - 11/14/06 09:19 PM

Sounds like some kind of Windows crap. I wouldn't worry about it, just tell Firefox to block popups.<br><br>
Posted by: Leslie

Re: yikes - 11/14/06 09:32 PM

Thanks, will do.<br><br>
Posted by: MacGizmo

Re: yikes - 11/14/06 11:56 PM

And stop visiting porn sites... <br><br>CreativeGuy for daily tips, tricks and commentary on all things graphic design.
Posted by: Trog

Re: yikes - 11/14/06 11:59 PM

And put your pants back on!<br><br>I, on the other hand, am not having a problem with Windows pop-ups so my pants are staying off.<br><br>
Posted by: Leslie

Re: yikes - 11/15/06 12:06 AM

Ah yes, comedians in every crowd!<br>However, the real funny part is I was not at porn sites so I don't really know where that thing - whatever it was popping up - came from. I have since blocked pop-ups and all is well.<br><br><br>
Posted by: Pete

Re: yikes - 11/15/06 03:49 AM

Porn, software piracy, whatever.<br><br><br><br><br>