Wow, this is nice to

Posted by: Trog

Wow, this is nice to - 10/10/06 04:10 PM

In Quicktime 7.1.3 Apple decided you needed to click a button to allow Quicktime to open Flash files. And, since its unchecked by default, apparently there is a whole population of people out there that would prefer Quicktime, Keynote, Finder and the rest to just choke on some types of files. (WTF??)<br><br>This was killing me yesterday as I was trying to get a bunch of Flash movies to play in Keynote. I was 100% sure they worked in the past, but nothing could get them to play.<br><br>Anyway, in case anyone else has run into this, or if any of you haven't yet clicked this box. Its in the Quicktime System prefs. Whatever happened to the "it just works" mentality?<br><br><br><br>