Managing Bookmarks in Mozilla

Posted by: yoyo52

Managing Bookmarks in Mozilla - 08/24/01 09:14 PM

When I installed Mozilla in X, the installation automatically imported my IE favorites. But I can't figure out how to move the bookmarks from one folder to another! So now I have all of my favorites in the single folder that was created when the IE stuff was imported--not very convenient! So what's the obvious thing that I'm not getting here?<br><br>And that's true too.--Shakespeare, King Lear
Posted by: TreeBeard

Re: Managing Bookmarks in Mozilla - 08/25/01 04:09 PM

command /B brings up the edit bookmarks window, drag the bookmarks around into folders you create there. ... or alternately don't use "save bookmark". drag them into folders that you have created within the personal toolbar folder... which will show in toolbar .. so that you can see where to drag them to..<br><br>=============================================================<br>| "Behold the Turtle, he maketh no progress ==== until he sticketh out his neck." |<br>=============================================================
Posted by: yoyo52

Re: Managing Bookmarks in Mozilla - 08/25/01 04:18 PM

My problem is that the bookmarks won't drag!<br><br>And that's true too.--Shakespeare, King Lear
Posted by: TreeBeard

Re: Managing Bookmarks in Mozilla - 08/27/01 12:58 PM

You gotta go over the bookmark icon in the location window and get the hand cursor. Then drag to pre created folders in the toolbar.<br>Yes I noted that one bookmark which had been set as homepage would not drag within the edit bookmarks window but all the rest did.<br><br>=============================================================<br>| "Behold the Turtle, he maketh no progress ==== until he sticketh out his neck." |<br>=============================================================
Posted by: johnengler

Re: Managing Bookmarks in Mozilla - 08/28/01 12:52 AM

yoyo, as much as it pains me to say this, your problem lies not in mozilla, but in the fact that you're trying to use mozilla... MSIE is still the best browser out there.<br><br>john<br><br>***<br>"Buzzards gotta eat, same as worms"<br> --Clint Eastwood in The Outlaw Josey Wales<br>
Posted by: yoyo52

Re: Managing Bookmarks in Mozilla - 08/28/01 01:38 AM

I know, I know--just testing it out, man <br><br>And that's true too.--Shakespeare, King Lear
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Re: Managing Bookmarks in Mozilla - 08/29/01 05:03 PM

look mate I have heard these arguments over and over and I still maintain this : that the best browser out there, is the one that; <br>┐works for you on your machine <br>┐ does things the way you want, in your working environment<br>┐ does not frustrate you at every turn <br>┐ performs faultlessly without fail for you or at least does this better than any competing browser.<br><br>all of these points relate to;<br>a) you and your preferences, your capability<br>b) your machine and its capability<br>c) your modem..<br>d)your server <br>and no hype can make any browser change those facts<br><br>The points being. <br>That Internet Explorer is crap on any pre OS 8.5 system. IE also has isues with various OS 9 systems.<br>That it may have what some developers call greater flexibility and features but these are either insignificant or invisible to the average user.<br>That IE is prone to crashing unexpectedly and that users seem to take that for granted.<br><br>Despite the facts that I personally run OS 9.1 and that I have fastidiously kept everything updated and trialled all browsers in all situations which does include ALL of them and ALL of the beta versions. <br><br>That I still prefer to use on this Machine, with this Modem and server; Netscape 4.77. Why? Because it never crashes, I never have any of the problems which are purportedly associated with it. My downloads work properly and corruption does not occur. Speed is as good or better and interface is hacked to be infinitely more to my taste and harmony than any that are supplied by any other browser which also includes Mozilla and N6. Maybe this is an enhanced situation for N 4.77 to operate in due to all of my efforts to hack it to suit me. I personally have no trouble with Netscape's Java and even get to use MRJ on some well informed pages, because I also have installed The MRJ Java plug-ins from Mozilla and latest available MRJ. Maybe because my system has been kept updated elsewhere by installing things like;<br>IE 5.5 and Netscape 6.1, Carbon lib 1.4, Stuffit 6, whilst staying right away from QuickTime 5<br><br>Who knows why the situation is thus for me, for sure. I am not cognizant of the reasons why people say that IE is any better than any other browser. I only know what works best for me, allows me to customize its features in or out, sideways or upside down and still works flawlessly. Allows me to work in forums like this without frustrating me. Opens the majority of webpages properly, displays them clearly without adjustments, provides me with the greatest control over my anonymity and thus privacy. All I know is that everything else is, to me at least, total hype. <br><br>I do know that Netscape 6.1 is almost as good.. or will be when it is finished, should be actually better than IE versions currently available. I am not sold on the NEW standards though I am not actually qualified to argue. Thus I still use N 4.77.<br> If and when IE may be required due to some necessity for cookie use usually, I do use it if I am desperate enough to allow cookies aboard for that site. Then I will use IE. Though I agree that IE does its job quite well in general and that it has one or two small improvements. It still has nothing to make it so continually classed as the best browser, that I can see. It most certainly plays third fiddle here.<br><br>=============================================================<br>| "Behold the Turtle, he maketh no progress ==== until he sticketh out his neck." |<br>=============================================================