17" monitor dead....

Posted by: Anonymous

17" monitor dead.... - 01/02/03 05:33 PM

From Slashdot:<br><br>EnlightenmentFan writes "Apple plans to stop production in June <br>of the iMac with flat-panel 17-inch display, according to this article <br>at Asian tech-news site Digitimes. As with the now-history 15" flat-panel <br>iMac, sales started strong but stalled once the early-adopter crowd <br>had bought in. Probably-not-unrelated story (also posted today): <br>Chungwha Picture Tubes is boosting the price of its 17-inch LCD monitor panels." <br><br>Perhaps a clue to a 19" or 18" iMac?<br>And also, doesn't Apple still sell the 15" iMacs?<br>Perhaps this information is false....<br>I think they probably mean it as monitors, not iMacs...<br>