IE search hack

Posted by: Anonymous

IE search hack - 06/23/01 06:46 PM

can someone tell me the Rezedit hack to make the web search in IE go to google instead of msn...<br><br>
Posted by: sean

Re: IE search hack - 06/23/01 07:01 PM

try here:<br><a href=""></a><br><br>[color:blue] -sean</font color=blue>
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Re: IE search hack - 06/24/01 12:31 AM

thanks..just what i needed..<br><br>
Posted by: siletz

Re: IE search hack - 06/24/01 12:53 AM

Another way is to put Google addy into your favorites list or add it to the toolbar,<br><br>Bondi "B" Maxed out
Posted by: bdog

Re: IE search hack - 06/24/01 05:15 AM

Hey siletz, have you read the thread right under this one? I have a "search engines" folder! 16 links!<br><br>;o=31&part=<br><br>[color:red]-- John Bailey</font color=red> ( [color:red]Bdog</font color=red> )<br><br>[color:blue]Email Me!</font color=blue> [email] [color:green]</font color=green> [/email]
Posted by: TreeBeard

Re: IE search hack - 06/24/01 07:15 PM

As is typical, the bookmarklets presented on Google's page<br><>for IE5/Mac are not<br>as fully featured as those for IE5/Win it's not that it's not<br>technically possible, they are just lazy. However a quick bit of<br>javascript research identifies the key<br><br>below is the modified windows version to work on the mac <br><br>javascript:q=(document.frames.length?'':document.getSelection());for(i=0;i<document.frames.length;i++){q=document.frames.document.getSelection();if(q!='')break;}if(q=='')void(q=prompt('Enter text to search using Google. You can also highlight a word on this web page before clicking Google Search.',''));if(q)location.href=''+escape(q)<br><br><br>this is the original windows version<br><br>javascript:q=(document.frames.length?'':document.selection.createRange().text);for(i=0;i<document.frames.length;i++){q=document.frames[i].document.selection.createRange().text;if(q!='')break;}if(q=='')void(q=prompt('Enter text to search using Google. You can also highlight a word on this web page before clicking Google Search.',''));if(q)location.href=''+escape(q)<br><br><br>the difference is obvious: the phrase -<br>document.selection.createRange().text is replaced by the much simpler<br>document.getSelection() on the mac.<br><br>The same should hold true for GreyMatter, yet to test this, but handy<br>to know/use<br><br>There is also similar codes for Netscape but NS is limited to 500<br>chars in a bookmark, meaning some of the niceties of the script must<br>be left out. NS uses the same document.getSelection() as IE for mac,<br>so the IE5/Win one would probably work with Netscape 6/Mozilla<br><br>The challenge now is to work out if it is possible to hack IE5s menus<br>to embed similar javascript call in that, to enable the right click<br>version that the IE5/Win GreyMatter supports. One could envision<br>contextual clicking on a URL and being able to search google for<br>related URLs<br><br>Can you also test this with IE 5.1 for OS X?<br><br><br>=============================================================<br>|[i] "Behold the Turtle, he maketh no progress ==== until he sticketh out his neck." |<br>=============================================================
Posted by: sean

Re: IE search hack - 06/25/01 10:54 AM

treebeard -- wow!! <br><br>um, what is it?<br><br>the original poster was looking for information to allow him/her to do searches from the address bar/line of the browser. i do this and it is most convenient. instead of typing http://etc. i just type a ? and then the term i want to use. when i hit the enter key, the term is searched and results in google are returned. very easy and quick.<br><br>i don't want an extra google search window on my browser. i already have all of my buttons up above appearing as text-only. i want as much real estate for the webpages and that is what makes this hack so valuable to me. any time i want to search google, i can quickly hit the tab button into the address bar and type my quick ? and term and...ta da! i have a google search appearing.<br><br>[color:blue] -sean</font color=blue>
Posted by: TreeBeard

Re: IE search hack - 06/25/01 11:12 AM

what it is ... is a scripted URL that appears only as a URL in the toolbar or as a favorite if you wish<br> when clicked upon you can type or paste any word or phrase or even select and highlight a word on the page you are on to be searched @ google Mac ....simple as that ....yeah I already have my search engine button set to search Australian sites search engines<br><br>=============================================================<br>| "Behold the Turtle, he maketh no progress ==== until he sticketh out his neck." |<br>=============================================================
Posted by: Anonymous

Re: IE search hack - 06/26/01 02:14 PM

if you have a two button mouse, set the right button to ctrl-click and now highlight a word in a html page and right click on it. You'll see a option to 'web search' if you choose this it will take the highlighted term and search MSN for it. <br>I just wanted to know how to change it from MSN to Google...<br>thanks again<br><br>
Posted by: TreeBeard

Re: IE search hack - 06/26/01 05:07 PM

yes but the stuff I was posting goes way beyond that, it does indeed! why don't you try some bookmarklets today! Just remember that you have to have correct browser ID to get them! So those who have hacked Browser ID... change it back first.... and that includes those whom have removed the browser name from the titlebar.<br><br>Bookmarklets are fun not to mention very useful... some of them the best ones are those that allow you to highlight any texts, anywhere... and search it ... in the search engine of your choice. with just a highlight and a click.<br><br>=============================================================<br>| "Behold the Turtle, he maketh no progress ==== until he sticketh out his neck." |<br>=============================================================