Distributed Computing

Posted by: OneTraveler

Distributed Computing - 09/14/04 05:06 PM

A quickie- I have a student that would like to create a distrubuted OS X network with some spare iMacs and older BW G3s. We have the hub and all the cables, but I can't remember the name of some simple software that made this easy. (Not Xgrid as there is still programming needed to distribute jobs). I remember an old version that I had run across, but can now not find. Can anyone help?<br><br>
Posted by: hayesk

Re: Distributed Computing - 09/15/04 02:56 PM

What does he want to distribute? I'm pretty sure it is XGrid. There is always programming needed to be done to distribute computing. Unless it is already built in, like in XCode.<br><br><br>