.WMV file extension

Posted by: Anonymous

.WMV file extension - 09/12/04 04:51 PM

I'm having trouble decoding .WMV movies on my older Mac. (PM7600/G3,300/OS9.1)<br>All I get is raw data IE; a screen full of nonsensical characters. This happens in both Netscape 4.9 and IE 5. I have the helpers for .wmv mapped to Windows Media Player, but no luck. <br>Any suggestions?<br>Thanks,<br>Jon<br><br>
Posted by: trey

Re: .WMV file extension - 09/12/04 05:13 PM

How so you mean decoding? Are you trying to watch them?<br><br>
Posted by: Anonymous

Re: .WMV file extension - 09/12/04 05:20 PM

Yes, I'd like to be able to view them. I have no problem with .mpg or .mpeg clips, but those pesky .wmv's won't work for me.<br><br>Jon<br><br>
Posted by: gnfnr2k

Re: .WMV file extension - 09/12/04 08:11 PM

When it does that save it (what you want to view) to your HD and they should play that way.<br>That happens to me on my G5 a lot too with windows media files.<br>To save right click mac style (hold down control and click on the link, then save)<br><P ID="edit"><FONT SIZE=-1><EM>Edited by gnfnr2k on 09/12/04 04:12 PM (server time).</EM></FONT></P>
Posted by: matman

Re: .WMV file extension - 09/12/04 10:03 PM

Right click on link to file and 'save file as' (or whatever it is in IE). Download to local disk. If you have Windows media player mapped correctly it should have teh correct icon. Double click to play.<br><br>There are some 3rd party apps that may help play files also. Check Versiontracker.com<br><br>Aoteroa - Land of the Long White Cloud
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Re: .WMV file extension - 09/21/04 11:14 PM

Right click? What the heck is a right click? LOL<br><br>Thanks, though Mat and others. I can indeed view them if I save them to the HD, or paste the URL into the Windows Media application and let it do it's thing.<br><br>I appreciate the help you all offered.<br><br>Jon<br><br>