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Testing - 06/08/01 04:12 PM

On Apple's refurbished products, when Apple says the unit is put through a "full burn-in" test, what does that mean? Thanks<br><br>
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I would think... - 06/13/01 12:11 AM

...that means that they leave it on for a specified period of time, probably one day, to make sure there are no further problems.<br><br>"It is better to light one candle than to curse the darkness."
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Re: I would think... - 06/13/01 12:24 AM

Thanks, sounded more detailed than that...<br><br>Never try and Baptize a Cat!!!
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Re: I would think... - 06/13/01 11:19 AM

In some cases the machine is left running a whole series of tests overnight. Just to ensure it doesn't crash.<br><br>
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Re: I would think... - 06/17/01 08:12 AM

in the PC world a Burn-In is running the computer at 100% cpu for 24+ hrs... this is generally done by runnng looping Q3A test or something similar to it. These are liked since it also stress the video subsystem which actully tends to carsh before the rest of the PC...<br><br>Short term Burn-ins or just CPU/Memory burn-ins generaly use something like Folding@Home ( 7h3 [H] 0wn5 j00 @11) or RC5.<br><br>Basically it is a continuall stress test<br><br><br>