Wow! Chimera is fast!

Posted by: Trog

Wow! Chimera is fast! - 09/10/02 04:34 AM

Thought I'd give the latest Chimera build that came out today a try. It is LOADS faster than Mozilla or Netscape and quite noticeably faster than Explorer and iCab on my powerbook.<br><br>Yes, I'm aware its definitely lacking a couple key preferences, but for straight surfing I thinking I'm going to use it for a while. The others seem so slow now.<br><br>Anybody else try this out yet?<br><br>
Posted by: MacGizmo

Re: Wow! Chimera is fast! - 09/10/02 05:13 AM

Once again I tried it, and once again it crashes more often than a paper airplane in a wind tunnel! <br><br><br>[color:red]semicolon dash parenthesis</font color=red>
Posted by: TimL

Re: Wow! Chimera is fast! - 09/10/02 05:34 AM

I've been using it almost nonstop since about 8pm (EST) and it's been fast and extremely stable so far, hasn't puked once.<br><br>
Posted by: greenme1

Re: Wow! Chimera is fast! - 09/10/02 05:43 AM

I've only been using it for 30 min. so far but i like it, much faster! <br><br>
Posted by: Trog

Re: Wow! Chimera is fast! - 09/10/02 06:57 AM

Hmmm, I wonder why you are the only one (so far) with a stability problem MacGizmo? <br><br>I just wish it had a few of the features of Mozilla, like specific pop-up and window resizing blocking (a must, I think). I'm sure more features = slower, but it needs a LITTLE more beef.<br><br>
Posted by: OSXaddict

Re: Wow! Chimera is fast! - 09/10/02 10:10 AM

I have been using Chimera for awhile now and have .5 release for a few days now (if you got the nightly builds, you would have seen it already). Stable as heck for me.<br><br>MacGizmo, where do you have it installed? I have heard that it crashes if it's someplace..can't recall...I'll investigate for you.<br><br>
Posted by: MacGizmo

Re: Wow! Chimera is fast! - 09/10/02 02:05 PM

It's in my application folder.<br><br>I don't know why it's unstable for me, but I know I'm not alone, because another board I visit is full of people who had problems with it in the past.<br><br>On the other side of the coin, other people seem to have a lot of problems with Netscape 7 being really slow and not having pop-up killer in it. I have found it to be just the opposite. Pop-up killing is the first thing I turned on in N7, and I find it to be faster than mozilla & omni - and the most stable browser I've ever used (OS9 included).<br><br><br>[color:red]semicolon dash parenthesis</font color=red>
Posted by: Anonymous

Re: Wow! Chimera is fast! - 09/26/02 10:51 PM

I'musing it now as my main browser with little to no problems! It will crash if I mess around with the Bookmarks drawer, but otherwise I'm thrilled. Used to like IE, even paid for OmniWeb, but this is my main axe for the time being. Love it!<br><br>
Posted by: MacGizmo

Re: Wow! Chimera is fast! - 09/27/02 12:38 AM

OmniWeb is just outright frustrating. It shows so much potential, and they were releasing SneakyPeaks weekly until the 4.1 release... now they haven't released hardly anything, and they have yet to fix any of the main problems with the browser that have been there since the day OSX shipped (like the total mess the browser makes of javascript).<br><br>In my opinion, they have lost a lot of momentum they had going, and a lot of users who would have eventually paid for it if they had just fixed a few things instead of waiting for 5.0 to come out.<br><br>I will still give 5.0 a shot next year when it comes out... but by then, it may just be some "toy" I download and try once (like Opera was yesterday - that browser is a real joke!).<br><br><br>[color:red]semicolon dash parenthesis</font color=red>
Posted by: yoyo52

Re: Wow! Chimera is fast! - 09/27/02 01:19 AM

I already paid, as a kind of encouragement for the early promise. I never use it.<br><br>Great wits are sure to madness near allied.--John Dryden, "Absalom and Achitophel"
Posted by: Anonymous

Re: Wow! Chimera is fast! - 09/27/02 09:34 AM

nightly builds come with new features every day. that's what i like. <br>love the favicons, but should be a way to change a sites favicon for yourself.<br>mac os x hints favicon looks very bad. and i would like to give some sites a favicon for myself seeing as some don't have.<br><br><br>rakka<br><br> Great Day!