Getting started with MAC development

Posted by: shivapullepu

Getting started with MAC development - 06/21/11 07:41 PM

Hi Guys, I've windows desktop application written in c# and wanted to migrate the app for mac desktop users. Can you please let me know how I get started? I recently brought mac pro and installed dev platform xCode.

Any sample code to call external web URL to fectch HTML response and how to use text files for storing and retrieving data from MAC app is highly appreciated.

Posted by: BikerMac

Re: Getting started with MAC development - 12/18/11 04:55 PM

Wow. A tall order. I am in the same position but have realized there is no simple code that will make all clear to a C# person. Assuming you already know Objective-C, you need to learn the Xcode IDE and learn how it handles delegates. That's my 2 cents. Also you'll probably feel a bit frustrated with Xcode compared to VS.