Help w/perl

Posted by: papabill

Help w/perl - 11/12/10 05:25 AM

I have an .shtml page on my PC that includes this statement:
<!--#exec cgi="/cgi-bin/"-->
that increments a hit counter. I want to put the same basic .shtml page on my Mac, but this does not work. I've tried the
<!--#include virtual=""-->
in place, but it still does not work. and counter.dat (the actual number) are both in the /library/webserver/cgi-executables directory.

Posted by: Reboot

Re: Help w/perl - 11/12/10 06:29 PM

Without being in front of it this is kind of over my head, but my guess is that
<!--#include virtual=""-->
isn't the kind of executable Apache in OS X can use.

The first link on that page is a 404, the next works thought.