free mac c++ compiler?

Posted by: clarkbar6

free mac c++ compiler? - 01/20/06 08:06 PM

im in an introduction to c++ class, and we have to do some dinky little programs for homework. id love to do them at home on my ibook rather than hustle to the comp lab to use the pcs. anyone know of a free program that i could get that i could write, then compile and run them?
Posted by: Waragainstsleep

Re:free mac c++ compiler? - 01/20/06 08:36 PM

You should find XCode on the install CDs which came with your iBook. I'd be very surprised if that didn't do it.

If you prefer, head over to or and search for "C++ Compiler". You should find something. If not try or You may have to work a little harde to find what you want, but it will be there somewhere.

Like I say, Xcode is free, and nicely polished and you already have it. If you install all the developer tools from your discs, you should be able to just compile your existing programs and run them from the Terminal if you prefer.