custom CD/DVD icons; how?

Posted by: macDeviant

custom CD/DVD icons; how? - 11/19/05 04:15 AM

okay i'm stretched here. i can't figure out how to make custom icons for CDs and DVDs i want to burn. Any help or ideas would be slightly appreciated. :lol:

thanks to any
Posted by: macDeviant

custom CD/DVD icons; how? - 07/22/06 04:07 PM

well i figured it out, and thought i would answer my own question for the future refrence of others.

when burning a CD/DVD and you want a custome icon. You have to first do these few steps:

1) Enable hidden files to be seen. (you can do this with 3rd party programs like Xupport or Tinkertool)
2) Rename the icon you want to .ICON (the "." infront of any file, folder, app, HDD, or anything, gives it the pre-extension to be a hidden file.
3) move the hidden file to the root directory of the cd/dvd (meaning it's not in any folders)
4) disable hidden files to be seen, burn the disc and when it mounts on the desktop. you should see your custom icon.

if anybody can write this any better i would appriciate it.