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Posted by: cesrivas

developer question - 05/02/04 07:50 AM

<br>In apple Motion, there is a feature called Dashboards( ALso, in addressbook, you can see at full screen somebody's phone number and panic stattoo tattoos info in the screen using capsules.<br><br>is there a framework in xcode for adding that stuff (dashboards or floating semi-transparente dialog boxes) into our apps? <br><br>%-) <--- me?
Posted by: cesrivas

Re: developer question - 05/03/04 12:15 AM

I found another example.... from . How can I code something like this:<br><br><img src= border=0><br><br>or<br><br><img src= border=0><br><br><img src= border=0><br><br><br>%-) <--- me?
Posted by: nutty

Re: developer question - 05/03/04 02:45 PM

subclass NSWindow<br><br>The set Alpha Transparency of the window.<br><br>See the docs or dev site for the borderless window example<br><br>
Posted by: cesrivas

Re: developer question - 05/08/04 02:09 AM

ohhh, thanks, nutty... I know where to search... :)<br><br>%-) <--- me?