Moon Cycles

Posted by: Calion

Moon Cycles - 04/08/10 06:09 PM

NUDC 4 and previous had a neat feature where you could create Moon Cycles events in your calendar. I can't find it in Now X, and the moon events wouldn't import properly from NUDC 4. Is there any way to do this in Now X?
Posted by: wilsonng

Re: Moon Cycles - 04/13/10 01:12 PM

I think you can get iCal to subscribe to a WebDAV calendar for moon phases here:

Subscribe to the moon phase calendar with iCal. Then sync Now X to iCal. It won't have those nice pretty moon icons but it'll tell you the moon phases on certain dates.

BusyCal has built-in moon phases and built-in connection to AccuWeather as well. Sadly, you won't be able to transfer that to Now X because it is a BusyCal only feature.
Posted by: Calion

Re: Moon Cycles - 04/30/10 01:50 AM

Grr. No wonder they went out of business. Make a new version, remove useful features.