I have stopped looking

Posted by: davebarnes

I have stopped looking - 03/28/10 02:57 AM

Apple Mail (+Letterbox+FlagIt!+RocketBox)
Apple Address Book (even though it is pathetic)

I looked and played with:
SOHO Organizer
Posted by: ronr

Re: I have stopped looking - 03/28/10 10:50 AM

I've also settled on BusyCal, but still looking for something for Contacts. AB just doesn't have enough flexibility.

If you're still checking this, I'd be interested in hearing, very briefly, why you rejected Contactizer and Bento for your contacts.

Posted by: davebarnes

Re: I have stopped looking - 03/28/10 03:13 PM

1. Reviews at http://www.macupdate.com/info.php/id/14807/contactizer-pro with a fair amount of negative comments.
2. This from the Contactizer website: "Top Core Capabilities: Manage projects and track their progress." I don't need to/want to manage projects. I just need a better contact manager.

1. It is a database with add-on templates and not a tailored contact manager. So, while there is support for the db, there really isn't any for the contact manager. Any enhancements are yours to do and maintain.
2. I think the Themes are just plain ugly. The vertical spacing default (which cannot be changed (without some very serious hacking)) creates lots of wasted space which means you get to do more scrolling. The colors are hideous (in my opinion). You can only change a theme by hacking. I played with it and then decided I really don't want to be building my own contact manager, I just want to buy one and pound on the developers for new features and bug fixes.

I would buy SOHO Organizer if they had decent support, but they don't. In fact, it appears that support is almost non-existent.

I started using NowX because I moved from NUDC. I stayed with NowX for two reasons:
1. The calendar was quite flexible.
2. The ability to have custom fields for contacts. I started with Now in 1995 and then switched to Act! in 1997 (when I switched to Windows) and then back to NUDC in 2005 and I became used to the idea that, of course, you can have many custom fields. I also liked the tags in NowX.
Posted by: Shelyon

Re: I have stopped looking - 03/28/10 08:08 PM

I came to the same conclusion and purchased BusyCal yesterday. (Was able to get a discount of $9.80 with the code: SCREENCASTS )
I did ask BusyCal how to import a NowX calendar and they said "the AppleScript only converts NUD, not NOW X. Supposedly Now X already syncs with iCal. I'm not sure how smile but perhaps there is something on some of the Now Software support forums that talks about it." So, here I am!

I would really appreciate a "how to" for importing NowX to BusyCal. Too bad THEY don't know how to do it! Thank you!
Posted by: Kempy

Re: I have stopped looking - 03/28/10 10:58 PM

Surely there is someone out there who has written just this sort of CRM thing using FileMakerPro. It has all the SW needed for server etc.. There must be an organisation who has done this. Does anyone know???
Posted by: davebarnes

NowX ->iCal -> BusyCal - 03/29/10 01:43 AM

I did a calendar sync from NowX to [an empty] iCal.
Then I launched BusyCal.
Posted by: wilsonng

Re: NowX ->iCal -> BusyCal - 03/29/10 02:04 AM

You should go to list view in your calendar, Go to menu bar "Edit > Select" All to highlight all records. Then choose menu bar "Assign Tags" to assign the Sync tag. Then you can do a sync. Events and tasks with the Sync tag would be the only ones that get synced to iCal.

For integrity's sake, I launched BusyCal and clicked on List view selected the popup menu to show Decade (default is Month). Then I sorted by date and double-checked for duplicate events.....

Apple's sync services have been wonky with a variety of programs.

When I tried out SOHO Organizer and Contactizer Pro, contacts seemed to transfer well (minus the links, attachments, and custom date). But calendar info seemed to be blitzed.

SOHO Organizer only captured the last 3 months from my iCal calendar.

Contactizer tried to sync and made duplicates of my calendar.

Before doing a sync, I would do a SuperDuper clone of your hard drive so that you can just go back.

BusyCal seemed to just see all my data. It's my calendar of choice. It's what I wished Now X would become. Hopefully a contact solution will be coming soon. I'm also hoping that iPhone OS 4.0 will finally show a calendar app that syncs tasks. But I can work around that because I am currently using OmniFocus for iPhone as my task manager.
Posted by: Shelyon

Re: NowX ->iCal -> BusyCal - 03/29/10 06:14 PM

Thank you so much for the import process! Was able to import my calendar into BusyCal and move forward. BusyCal will have to do.

Wish the print function had more formatting options. I miss my Now 5.3.2!
Posted by: wilsonng

Re: NowX ->iCal -> BusyCal - 03/30/10 04:30 AM

The BusyCal folks said to use iCal to print for now. Printing will be coming a little later.
Posted by: sgecko

Re: NowX ->iCal -> BusyCal - 04/12/10 02:15 AM

going back to separate programs is not an issue for me. BusyCal looks like it will best work for me and that's where i'm leaning for the moment for the calendar side.

but a solution for contacts really is hard. i have a couple thousand contacts, with lots of historical information. but i only sync the ones i most commonly use (a couple hundred). contactizer does not give me the option to pick which contacts to sync (they sync ALL of them). same with bento. anyone with a suggestion? thanks.
Posted by: davebarnes

Re: NowX ->iCal -> BusyCal - 04/12/10 01:30 PM

I can't help you.
I went with the pathetic Address Book and gave up all my extra contact info.
Posted by: wilsonng

Re: NowX ->iCal -> BusyCal - 04/12/10 09:41 PM

I also use Address Book for basic contact info.

I use OmniFocus and create projects and tasks for each active contact.

Then I use DevonThink for my contact's notes, attachments, and e-mail archives.

BusyCal is all I really use for a contact solution.

I do miss Now X's ability to show a contact and any attachments and notes in one place. It's a Swiss Army approach (one program to rule them all) but I can see benefits (begrudgingly) in a separate program approach:

1. OmniFocus is better suited at task management than Now X's simple task list. The mythological project/task management module for Now X will never happen.

2. DevonThink is a better place to store my notes than Now X. I can suck in e-mail from Mail.app. I also keep attachments such as spreadsheets, PowerPoint presentations, call history, etc. in here.

3. BusyCal is the program that I wished Now X's calendar would become.

If you are using Contactizer, why not create groups to separate your contacts? Dump the inactives in an inactive group. Then create another group for your most commonly used contacts. Then just work in the commonly used contacts group?

It would be like iTunes. My iTunes master library includes songs from my wife and daughter. But I create a folder in iTunes that holds all my personal playlists. I don't have to weed through my wife's music and my daughter's music. I ignore the master library and just go straight to my own personal library.
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Re: NowX ->iCal -> BusyCal - 04/13/10 02:22 AM

thanks dave, appreciate all the leg work you've done to date.

wilsonng, i just noticed you're in guam. me too. small world. smile
i completely agree about omnifocus for tasks, as i've been using that for quite a while now. i never though about devonthink about all the notes and attachments, and will give that a look see. and busycal is working good for me at this point (but i miss not being able to format the calendar to my aesthetic tastes).

interesting idea about contactizer groups. this is definitely worth looking at, as the program allows groups and categories. thank you! you may have solved my dilemma. i'll post my findings back here for others who might be in the same boat.

otherwise, the surf sure looks great today (got a window view from my office). hafa!
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Re: NowX ->iCal -> BusyCal - 04/13/10 07:50 AM

lol.... small world (and small island) indeed. Maybe I'll run into you at Marianas Electronics or something. Hoping for one of the new MacBook Pros whenever they come out ;-)

One of these days, I'll get into Contactizer Pro. Just too busy trying to burn through my OmniFocus task list. Tax Day and all..... I might just bug you one of these days to see how you're doing in Contactizer Pro.

Using groups will help you manage things easier. It's better than looking at a long list of contacts.

I would probably create the following:

Customers with e-mail addresses (easier to look for customers when you are using Apple Mail)

Customers without e-mail addresses (for customers that can't be contacted via e-mail and you need to talk to them directly)

Vendors (all the folks you gotta pay. Power company, Banks, etc.).

Personal friends (gotta call the buddies when it's time to party!)

Wife's friends (for the people you don't really care about but gotta visit because your wife associates with them). I rarely go to this group unless my wife needs a phone number for someone.

Good luck sgecko.... Maybe we'll encounter each other at a fiesta, rosary, or wedding.....

I use DevonThink in the same way that SOHO Notes works in SOHO Organizer. So I'm pretty happy about it. It's easier to find everything in DevonThink instead of looking for it in the Finder. Now X sadly didn't have much in the way of notes storage that SOHO Organizer had.

Another program I use is Mariner Paperless to scan and store my bills and receipts. But I might transition over to DevonThink for this instead.

The BusyCal folks did say that printing features are on the wish list. We'll just have to wait and see.
Posted by: wilsonng

Re: NowX ->iCal -> BusyCal - 04/13/10 12:13 PM

As an additional thought, I didn't really need Contactizer Pro's projects and task management because I already have projects in OmniFocus for various customers. The idea is that if you have a client, you'll usually have a project tied to that one client.

Contactizer Pro would be great for those of you who don't already have a project/task manager.

I usually have to refer to a client in these storage areas

Set up an Apple Mail smart mailbox to catch all correspondences for a particular client.

Create a folder in DevonThink to house all documents such as graphics, invoices, receipts, Word documents, PowerPoint presentations, and Excel documents.

Create a project in OmniFocus to hold all the necessary tasks for that particular client.

Apple Address Book contains basic contact information.

As a GTD rule, try to use as many inboxes as you need and as few inboxes as you need. I wouldn't be able to use Contactizer Pro's projects/tasks features because I already have them in OmniFocus. There was no need for me to duplicate tasks in Contactizer and OmniFocus. Trying to update both would be a mindless waste of time.

Posted by: Blaze

Re: NowX ->iCal -> BusyCal - 04/13/10 05:28 PM

I use things as my todo list, it syncs with ical which then automatically syncs to contactizer pro... it has helped me get a feel for CP's todo flow. Things also syncs with my iphone.

As longs as I use things as my input source all is well.

I am thinking of upgrading to busycal but I a eager to see what CP has in store with their new syncing process they are working on.