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Filemaker? - 03/27/10 02:43 PM

Has anyone considered Filemaker?
Anyone with experience using it?
I know that it is pricey at $300, but it might be worth it.
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Re: Filemaker? - 03/27/10 03:09 PM

I think you could probably try a FileMaker solution. Of course, every year you'd be tempted to updated to the newest version of FileMaker and you'd have to pay the yearly upgrade price!

Reading the most recent reviews, folks who had version 10 would have to think long and hard to see if the upgrade would hold good benefits for them. Folks who are upgrading from older versions of FileMaker would probably enjoy the massive upgrades in features and performance.

I think if you really had the time to burn to learn programming a database, then go for it. Unfortunately I don't have that kind of time and would have to go for one of the off-the-shelf solutions.

I tried my hand in 4D database development and wrapped my own personal solution but it was such a massive time drain. Sometimes I felt like I was re-inventing the wheel. Yes, I did get the workflow I wanted but it took a lot of experimenting with user interface design, workflow design, and putting my results in a real world environment only to watch it crash and burn. Then I'd have to approach the database from a different perspective until I finally got it right (usually after many attempts of putting the program out in the real world to see how it fared).

I can easily empathize with the Now Folks about how tough it is to develop a software package.

After spending time with database development, you'll learn to appreciate what a massive job it is to create your own solution.
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Re: Filemaker? - 03/27/10 06:15 PM

I used it in 1992.
Not like any other database I ever mucked with.

I agree about Filemaker, but I was attracted to the image that pops up when you click on Contacts (+) on the page:
Sure is pretty.

I really don't want a database. I want a Contact Manager.
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Re: Filemaker? - 03/29/10 12:33 AM
We are talking to these people at the moment. It started with Mac, runs on File Maker and for multi user you just buy FileMaker Server. The only problem it has is that you need to be on line to see the info. I have said that you need to be able to trap the info on yr laptop and or mobile as you are not always on line, esp. when travelling like we do. Comments if you can be bothered please.
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Re: Filemaker? - 03/29/10 02:13 AM

Yes, File Maker can work but you have to spend some time customizing it to your personal needs. I believe there is a contact database template that comes with FileMaker. But you'll definitely have to take the time to get cozy with mucking around inside FileMaker's engine. So if you have the time, you can surely make something.

I would probably have to do this after hours. Luckily there is a FileMaker Pro Bible available on to get familiar with coding in FileMaker. But with a newborn and the job getting in the way, I'm gonna have to put this project on my Someday/Maybe list.... Probably gonna have to wait for the version 11 edition of the Filemaker Pro Bible.

Here's a couple of other FileMaker solutions:

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Re: Filemaker? - 03/29/10 05:56 PM


re: Sunrise Contacts. Did you look at the crappy website for Sunrise? And, the downloaded file is a .sit file. I can't believe anyone would pay $100 for it.
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Re: Filemaker? - 03/30/10 04:24 AM

Not too crazy about the FileMaker Pro solutions just yet.

Maybe John and Sheila can reboot and just come out with a contact solution? I mean it would be a waste to lose their work to the sands of time. Leave the calendar to BusyCal but create a Now Contact revision. This is probably the only block left for me to try to tidy up. I'm happy enough with BusyCal for my calendar and simple tasks.

Simplifying and refocusing their efforts might pay off better. They already have syncing. Then just use Applescript and/or Apple Sync Services to link tasks/events somehow.

But I think I would leave the Now brand and restart from scratch. The Now Software brand has lots a lot of its polish with the end of Now X.
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Re: Filemaker? - 04/01/10 05:29 AM

I wish that they could find a buyer for the codebase and then at least there might be something out, someday. I have spoken to several developers about this, I guess we'll see if happens. Be nice if Woz would just cough up and invest in this, the Mac platform needs a really contact/calendar solution and there's just nothing out there that makes it sizzle.

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Re: Filemaker? - 11/17/10 12:02 AM

Are you speaking of FileMaker the relatioonship database or Bento 3?

Has anyone tried to import NowX to Bento?

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Re: Filemaker? - 01/29/11 03:15 AM

Bento is not in the same league as NUTD and contact. Been there and it is very amatuer (I think). Daylight is where I will go I think. The NUTD site used to have other SW that one could use for synching with Blackberry - does any one that info? I am using PocketMac and it is awful. God I miss being able to have a phone that synchs with NUT.
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Re: Filemaker? - 01/29/11 03:37 AM

Actually FMP and it's standard templates does look very good and although the server looks expensive you may not need to use if you use VPN to access it. Has anyone done this?