Multiple users?

Posted by: neil

Multiple users? - 03/25/10 03:55 PM

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posted by mikeromo

hey guys--

thanks for all the suggestions on different products. I am working
with an environment that has several users that need to share a single
calendar and address book AND needs to associate calendar items with
address book entries. Do you guys know of anything I can use?

Posted by: Calion

Re: Multiple users? - 04/08/10 06:12 PM

Good question. Is there ANYTHING that does all of this?
Posted by: wilsonng

Re: Multiple users? - 04/09/10 07:50 AM

Daylite, SOHO Organizer, and Contactizer Pro can connect contacts to tasks and events.

SOHO Organizer scares me because tech support and transparency aren't there. They have a support submission page on their web site to submit bug reports and/or feature requests. But it took them up to 1-1/2 weeks to get back to me. There's no user forum to allow other users to help each other in a community forum.

Daylite doesn't have that "Mac" feel to it but it certainly is impressive with a Daylite touch app available.

Contactizer Pro definitely looks good but they concentrate more on the contact side. I don't see a monthly calendar view like I have in Now X.

Of the three programs, SOHO Organizer comes closest to Now X. But I'm just scared to death of their tech support. THey did reassure me that they were looking into bringing back the user forums so we'll see.