10.1.5 and Apache

Posted by: Anonymous

10.1.5 and Apache - 06/05/02 05:33 PM

I just installed the 10.1.5 update and now my Apache server doesnt work. It was completely fine before, then Apache wouldnt start after I installed 10.1.5. I didnt change anything else, just the update. Anybody else having this problem? I tried installing Apache 2 but it still doesnt work. Any help appreciated. Thanks.<br><br>Andrew<br><br>
Posted by: johnengler

Re: 10.1.5 and Apache - 06/05/02 08:59 PM

looks like Apache works fine on my machine, but that it's configuration files and settings were tweaked. I don't know if php is still running, or if the mysql installation I did a while ago is still up, because apache doesn't seem to know where the proper root directory is. It's currently serving a root directory that's way wrong.<br><br><br><br>Get your facts first, and then you can distort them as much as you please.<br>Mark Twain (1835 - 1910)
Posted by: Anonymous

Re: 10.1.5 and Apache - 06/06/02 05:46 PM

hmm, where do you have Apache installed at? /etc/httpd or /usr/local/apache2 or something like that? i think that was the defualt installation directory for apache2, but i overwrote the /etc/httpd installation which was 1.3 or whatever shipped with OS X. I have noticed 10.1.5 changed all my preferences and stuff like that. Maybe I just have to have apache installed in a certain directory. When trying to start it from terminal, it gives me an error message about a file not found. I can look up the exact file tonight.<br><br>