Wireless Internet

Posted by: Anonymous

Wireless Internet - 09/04/03 01:00 PM

I was wondering...I ordered a dual g5 and we have wireless internet at my house. What else will I have to buy to be able to connect. And is my only option to use airport? or are their third party devices that work? Thanks for the help.<br><br>
Posted by: iraszl

Re: Wireless Internet - 09/04/03 01:38 PM

Just get an airport extreme card for it. It's the safest solution.<br><br>
Posted by: nutty

Re: Wireless Internet - 09/04/03 01:42 PM

get the airport card. you can buy other wireless cards but they may not have the driver support that apple does.<br><br><br>it's only $99 and well worth it. since you just got the top of the line G5 whats another 100 bucks :)<br><br>