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Airport - 08/27/03 04:11 AM

Just got the old (802.11b) base station of my mom's and I tried to get it working. The card in my PB recognized it but I didn't know the password. My mom can't remember it either but she said it was public. I've tried that and every other possible password she uses.<br><br>I got a great suggestion to just reboot it so I did. Got directions to directly connect the base to the PB with an ethernet cable, redid the TCP configuration, pressed the reset button....everything. <br><br>I got to the point where my Airport Asst was scanning for stations and couldn't find mine. It still won't. It will when I remove the cable from the station and plug it back into the cable modem (box). But then it continues to ask for a password. AAAARGH!<br><br>help!<br><br>
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Re: Airport - 08/27/03 12:00 PM

Lisa I would love to help but I am not an airport user but I know how lonely it is to post and have no replies. So to make sure you feel loved here is a reply <br><br>Need a laugh? Visit
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Re: Airport - 08/27/03 03:20 PM

I forget what the default password is, but I have an Airport Extreme basestation at home. I'll look in the manual when I get home.<br><br>If after that, it still doesn't work, hold down the reset button for five seconds, it will erase all settings. Then put them in again and try again.<br><br>
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Re: Airport - 08/27/03 05:50 PM

Awwwwww....thanks! <br><br>How is the magna-theater system working out? Those eensy weensy 36 inch tvs must look microscopic to you now!<br><br>
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Re: Airport - 08/27/03 11:09 PM

This should help<br><br><br><br>----<br>A computer without a Microsoft operating system is like a dog without bricks tied to its head.
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Re: Airport - 08/28/03 05:10 PM

Thanks! Will try that. At the rate I'm pressing down on that reset button, I'd better get some sort of connection. It pains me that I have a fully functioning Airport base station and I can't get it work!<br><br>
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Re: Airport - 09/01/03 06:41 PM

Thanks for everyone's help -- I gave up. I'm bringing it in to the Apple store tonight (thank god I found time). <br><br>