wifi speeds

Posted by: seanog

wifi speeds - 05/20/13 09:07 PM

Macbook with B/G/N reaches 50Mbs, Windows machine with B/G gets 50Mbs, my imac with B/G gets 20Mbs. All together in same room. Why?
Posted by: Reboot

Re: wifi speeds - 05/28/13 12:44 AM

Are you sure that the Windows machine is only B/G? Even though G is rated at 50, to get anything close to it consistently is rare. Even though G is rated at 50 best case, with overhead of retransmission for errors you're lucky to get 20-25 average in the real world.
Posted by: MacBozo

Re: wifi speeds - 05/28/13 10:09 PM

Distance from router? My Mac Mini gets 48 - 54 transmit rate from my AirPort Express located about 12 feet away, but my wife's Mac Mini gets only 18 - 36 transmit rate from the DLink router about 30 feet away from her computer's location. Both computers are G only. That doesn't present a problem, since our cable speed is only 10mbps.
Posted by: seanog

Re: wifi speeds - 06/03/13 10:45 AM

Just tried again all computers together in same place:
Macbook 52.14
Imac 18.36
Windows 39.07
So distance is not playing any role.