Time Capsule Port Forwarding Stopped Working

Posted by: Biggerfoot

Time Capsule Port Forwarding Stopped Working - 02/13/11 04:18 PM

I have had my Time Capsule set-up (first gen TC) for over two years. I use Port Forwarding to access some security cameras.

Out of the blue, I can no longer access my cameras remotely. I can still view them via my local network.

Checking the port via the sites that can do it, they state my port is closed. I called my ISP (Time Warner) and they state they do not believe in port blocking and no ports are blocked. I have tried different ports to see what is going on an no port can be accessed outside of my local network.

I have restarted everything, tried different ports, and even reinstalled the camera software. The settings seem to take when I put in the settings. NAT is enabled.

Is there a way to check to see if my Time Capsule is the problem or is there anything else I can try?
Posted by: Reboot

Re: Time Capsule Port Forwarding Stopped Working - 02/13/11 07:54 PM

Odd that it has only lost port forwarding but everything else works. Some faulty data may be cached in the TC. You might try a soft reset first, then hard, then factory, using Airport Utility. You won't lose any data on the TC hard drive, it will just reset the router part.

Posted by: Biggerfoot

Re: Time Capsule Port Forwarding Stopped Working - 02/14/11 12:54 AM


I gave all of the resets a try without any luck. I tried changing the server address within the network without luck.

I tried turing in my web sharing on my main CPU and the port shows up (mapped for the open port). When I tried just having web sharing on the server, the port did not show up as open (I changed the NAT for the default host). When I changed the NAT for my main CPU at port 8000, the port I have always used, it still showed closed.
Posted by: Biggerfoot

Re: Time Capsule Port Forwarding Stopped Working - 02/14/11 01:58 PM

Okay. I think I have it working again. I noticed after the hard reset, the DHCP ending Address was different. I reassigned the address of the server within the specs, changed the NAT host address to match the new server address and it started working again.

I am guessing that something may have been corrupted in the TC and going through and matching up all of the addresses again did it...or perhaps it was on the ISP and cleared up by itself!

Still odd that it worked fine for over two years without a single glitch.