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Sidebar/Devices/Computer(2)? - 02/05/11 02:03 AM

Today my sidebar is displaying a (2) next to my computer name.
I saw a post on Apple Discussions that says there are 2 devices with the same name.
Why did this happen all of the sudden?
I have a computer I sync with at work, but that is a different name.
The only other device is my iPod touch, but I've had that for a couple years, and it never showed a (2) in the sidebar.
Any suggestions?
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Re: Sidebar/Devices/Computer(2)? - 02/05/11 05:07 PM

I see that all of the time, especially on laptops that get moved from one location to another. It bugs me as I have no idea how to stop it from happening. Renaming it in Sharing is the only workaround that I know of, and sometimes that doesn't stick. This gives a few sceanrios, any of it apply to what you do with the computer? Multiple sharing protocols enabled seems to be the big thing.

It seems to be a bug in Apple's networking, it's like it remembers old network connections and gets confused. I have read where their bonjour implementation may be a culprit. It causes problems when one is using printer sharing, the machines can't see the shared printers anymore.

This has been going on for a long time, at least through Leopard, can't remember if Tiger did it.
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Re: Sidebar/Devices/Computer(2)? - 02/05/11 05:47 PM

Where does OS X keep its list of recent servers? Find that and delete the one with the (2) reference?
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Re: Sidebar/Devices/Computer(2)? - 02/05/11 06:17 PM

Cleared Recent Servers, and renamed (removed (2)) computer in Sharing Preferences.
All is well.

Thanks you guys.
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Re: Sidebar/Devices/Computer(2)? - 02/05/11 06:20 PM

If I remember correctly.. I cloned my tower to my laptop and didn't change the name... once they saw each other one got renamed with a 2.
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Re: Sidebar/Devices/Computer(2)? - 02/05/11 08:49 PM

To prevent this, name your computer something goofy that no one else is likely to have named their computer. "Mr. Sprinkles' Handy Letter Opener" or something.
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Re: Sidebar/Devices/Computer(2)? - 02/05/11 11:16 PM

Did you see the part where I said I cloned an existing system?
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Re: Sidebar/Devices/Computer(2)? - 02/06/11 12:59 AM

Originally Posted By: NucleusG4
Did you see the part where I said I cloned an existing system?
That will do it for sure. I have seen it happen when the name was unique but they used SuperDuper or something to clone to another drive on a regular basis. It saw the other drive attached and renamed the main drive user name.