R.I.P. Xserve

Posted by: Acumowchek

R.I.P. Xserve - 11/05/10 01:56 PM

Apple to discontinue Xserve as of January 31.
Get a Mac Mini or Mac Pro instead.
Posted by: John Rougeux

Re: R.I.P. Xserve - 11/05/10 02:01 PM



Key points
• Apple will not be developing a future version of Xserve
• Orders for Xserve will be accepted through January 31, 2011
• Apple will honor all Xserve warranties and extended support programs
• Transition options to deploy Mac OS X Server include Mac Pro with Snow Leopard Server and Mac mini with Snow Leopard Server

Well, when they stopped making the storage part of it, I wondered how much longer it has to go.

I'm researching the mac mini server for my workplace.
Posted by: Acumowchek

Re: R.I.P. Xserve - 11/05/10 02:30 PM

What will Apple use for it's NC data center?
Posted by: zwei

Re: R.I.P. Xserve - 11/05/10 02:46 PM

Apple is not using Xserves for it's data center. That kind of system is run by the neckbeards who spit on graphical user interfaces laugh No reason to buy an Xserve unless you want to put OS X Server on it.

As for the Xserve getting shelved, I can understand it. For people like us it won't matter one bit if we move to a Mac Pro. Others can get by with a Mini or three…

Shocking news for people like us (we just bought a new Xserve a couple months ago) …but if Xserve production is not lucrative for Apple, it's not lucrative for me either smile