cable modems

Posted by: John Rougeux

cable modems - 06/01/10 03:19 PM

I think I need a new modem. Speed is way down (ISP is coming out Friday to check this) and now my airport can't "see" the internet.

So to eliminate the modem, I'm going to get another one. If that fixes it, fine. If not, I'll return it.

Can you all recommend a good modem? I currently have one that looks like this by Motorola

Posted by: MacBozo

Re: cable modems - 06/01/10 03:50 PM

Mine is supplied by my ISP (cable company). Can you connect the modem directly to your Mac to test?
Posted by: John Rougeux

Re: cable modems - 06/01/10 05:12 PM

Yeah, it's connected directly to the modem now. Problem is, the lights all go out now.
Posted by: MacBozo

Re: cable modems - 06/01/10 05:23 PM

I wonder if it's the modem or something wrong with your provider. I had a similar issue a month or so ago and it took two service calls to get it resolved - it was a problem with the local node.
Posted by: John Rougeux

Re: cable modems - 06/01/10 05:33 PM

They said that they can see that the internet signal is coming to my house. There is an issue of signal noise making my upload S L O W. (reason I called them in the first place)

Now with this new problem, they suggested that I get a new modem and test it out to eliminate that problem.
Posted by: MacBozo

Re: cable modems - 06/01/10 05:48 PM

I think I'd try to borrow a known-to-be-working modem first before purchasing one.
Posted by: John Rougeux

Re: cable modems - 06/01/10 06:05 PM

Well, by the time I borrow a modem by driving out to my parents house, drive back, hook it up, register it with my ISP, test it out, drive back to my parents house to return it, then drive back...

I could easily instead stop by BestBuy on my way home & get one. If it turns out it's not the modem, I can return it to bestbuy at my convenience.
Posted by: Leslie

Re: cable modems - 06/01/10 06:09 PM

I have exactly the same modem and a Linksys wireless router. My computer was taking forever to do things also. I unplugged both items and let them sit for about a minute. Everything came back to normal. I am sure you have done this but just in case, that is my 2cents.
Posted by: Reboot

Re: cable modems - 06/01/10 06:19 PM

In your address bar, type in Hit Return of course. You will be in the modem configuration.

What kind of numbers are you getting? Click on Signal, what's your downstream and upstream levels?

Downstream should be 0v + or - 10v, and upstream not sure, I think 20 - 40 or something, but it's the down that affects downloads and the most important. If it's really low or high it's probably the lines outside.
Posted by: John Rougeux

Re: cable modems - 06/01/10 06:47 PM

I'll check when I get home. Can I do that even though it's not showing me as online?

BTW, I wasn't sure where to put this so feel free to move it to wherever.
Posted by: Reboot

Re: cable modems - 06/01/10 07:00 PM

Actually that will be a good test too, try it through the Airport first. If that connects your base is probably fine. If that doesn't work connect the cable modem directly to the computer via ethernet and make sure your ethernet is active in system prefs.

You do know that when you move the ethernet cable from the router to the modem if they only give you one IP address you may have to power cycle the modem for it to hand out an IP to a new device.

I'll be taking off around 4:15 today, but will try and check back in later, what time do you think you might be able to try? I'll be around a computer so I can check in.

Will you be able to reply, iPhone I guess, huh?
Posted by: John Rougeux

Re: cable modems - 06/01/10 07:08 PM

I should be home around 430. I will have my iphone. I can turn on AIM on it if you don't text.
Posted by: MacBozo

Re: cable modems - 06/01/10 07:50 PM

I was thinking someone closer, like a good neighbor. laugh
Posted by: John Rougeux

Re: cable modems - 06/01/10 09:44 PM

Huh..ok, call me stupid (you're stupid!) but apparently there is a "hold" button on the top of the modem. I must have hit that with my hand.

So, now things are running fine...airport and all. I did enter in that IP and got this:'

Click for full size
Posted by: Ben Dover

Re: cable modems - 06/02/10 03:18 AM

Yeah, I today missed one of those buttons, too.

I had to get a new modem because the DNS servers I'd been using starting going wonkers, and I couldn't get into the router admin, forgot password, mistyped it or something. So, I had to get a new router, and the old one was ten years old anyway, a G.

Anyway, after I set it up ( after rebooting the modem ) I couldn't get a public IP address, so looked at the modem ( but apparently not close enough ) which looked like a Christmas tree with green lights, then re-checked a few settings and still no internet. Looked at the modem again.

Second look, I noticed this cheezy "Internet" button. Pressed that a few times and a light above it lit up green. Suppose I missed it the first time because it seems strange that it would be toggled - I don't get that. Anyway, I missed the "Internet" button.

After that, got the internet back. Nice having a new 300Mbps N modem. G is supposed to have a theoretical 54Mbsp max, so wasn't expecting a huge leap in speed, but I was stunned to instantly go from 7-8+Mbps to 20.95Mbps, boom, just like that.

Really enjoying nearly triple my old speed, just like that, plus modern features like autoscan ( scans and selects least saturated channel, automatically, instead of wonking around with that manually ). Multi-band, too, and a bunch of other modern stuff. I would have gone with a hackable Broadcom chipset router, but this cheapo $59 D-link did all the bread and butter stuff a superrouter is supposed to, so why bother?

Feel kind of embarassed to have missed a simple cheezy "Internet" button on the modem.

This forum is still as slow.

Posted by: Ben Dover

Re: cable modems - 06/02/10 06:16 AM

Er, excuse me, mixed up words.

Editing expired.

Wrote modem several times when meant router. Got new 300Mbps N router. Same old modem, four years old.

Posted by: Reboot

Re: cable modems - 06/02/10 06:43 AM

LOL. Well Stupid, the power levels look really good anyway. grin
Posted by: Phosphor

Re: cable modems - 06/02/10 12:24 PM

Got Comcast and a Scientific Atlanta WebSTAR DPC2100r2 modem?

Go check out this little hack:
Posted by: John Rougeux

Re: cable modems - 12/06/10 08:01 PM

Internet is down again, glad I found this thread. I will try to remember about this button and check it out when I get home. Hope that's the key again.
Posted by: Ben Dover

Re: cable modems - 12/09/10 05:06 AM

If you do end up getting a new modem, you'll probably have to register it or whatever-you=call-it, or set it up, with your provider. I would guess they'd need to suck the MAC address or you would provide it, otherwise I don't get how they could tell a valid hookup from a poacher ( and perhaps your old/existing MAC address is in a file or cache somewhere ).