Network port monitoring software

Posted by: iBookdude458

Network port monitoring software - 02/27/09 09:13 PM

hey guys.
I need a simple mac os x program that shows all the open and closed ports on a network. so if you guys can point me to a good program that would be great thanks.
Posted by: ctan

Re: Network port monitoring software - 03/16/09 02:51 AM

do you need something more advance than the scan tool inside of Network Utilities (inside the Applications->Utilities folder)?

Are you looking to watch your own port activity or the active ports of another computer? There used to be a program, I think was called Ctanide but I couldn't find it anywhere, that would do all sorts of crazy port things. But I'm not sure if it is still around, since it could be used for a DOS attack pretty easily.

I would also check out

lots of good apps there.