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WarDriving - 11/05/06 01:35 PM

Me and a friend of mine went WarDriving last night. I had my iBook and he had his Compaq laptop. We were running so many programs to sniff out wifi signals. I used iStumbler and MacStumbler. My friend used NetStumbler. My iBook seemed best because with NetStumbler on his laptop would disable the wireless card for connecting to networks and I was still able to sniff out and quickly connect.

We didn't do anything bad really. Just came across un-protected networks and changed the SSID in their routers to "You have been hacked" It was funny stuff.
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Re: WarDriving - 11/05/06 07:25 PM

Nice. That's like friendly WarDriving. You should change it to something like, "Hey, you're network is unprotected. You've been warned." It may be a little threatening... I dunno.

WarDriving is interesting though, and in my experience Macs have a much better time getting on and off wireless networks (for good or ill).
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Re: WarDriving - 11/05/06 08:45 PM

I just got back from round 2 of wardriving. We went and checked up on a connection that the SSID was labeled "Hack me" and we changed it to "ok i hacked you" My friend Adam had his laptop name called "Adams-Laptop and it still had his connection listed on the DHCP list. Well we couldn't clear it so we disabled the DHCP sever in the router. The only reason why we ended up disabling the DHCP server is because we knew the person that owned that connection and Adam is the only guy in the neighborhood with that name and is a computer geek.