Wireless for B&W

Posted by: TCPMeta

Wireless for B&W - 11/07/05 04:54 AM

Hey, does anyone know of a 3rd party wireless card that will work on a B&W though Tiger?
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Re:Wireless for B&W - 11/07/05 05:07 AM

My dad has an Aria Extreme card in his Sawtooth. It's just a PCI card. He probably got it from the local We Fix Macs.
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Re:Wireless for B&W - 11/07/05 08:49 PM

I did a review on Wireles Driver 3.0 back in the day. Hope it helps:

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Re:Wireless for B&W - 11/08/05 02:45 AM

I'm currently looking into this too, but I need a regular supply from a licensed UK distributor.
I heard the Belkin 5FD7001 would run under airport drivers. Turns out some of them do, some of them don't. The '3000uk' version for example doesn't work. Won't even show up in the system profiler.

A list of which versions work would be handy to have. Yet to see one of those though.
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Re:Wireless for B&W - 11/08/05 03:17 PM

Payday im going to go find a card that will work. Also me and my new room mate are going to split the cost for a wireless router. Speaking of a wireless router does anyone have any problems connecting a system with Airport to a Linksys wireless? I tryed connecting my iBook to my fiancee's wireless network and I get a error when trying to connect but yet it see's it just fine on the hot-spot list
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Re:Wireless for B&W - 11/08/05 05:02 PM

i've got a linksys 802.11b router (BEFW11S4) and it works fine with my clamshell ibook and my ibook g4 with AP-E along with my desktop PC
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Re:Wireless for B&W - 11/08/05 06:28 PM

Rocking a WRT54G with mine. Never had a single issue.