Airport express

Posted by: krusher117

Airport express - 06/09/04 08:10 AM

first off, airport express is awesome. If I didn't already have a basestation I'd run right out and buy one (I still might). I think this signals something really big for all apple-followers. Its no secret that apple is going after the home entertainment market, but this solidifies that by making the step past iPod. I think the next ipod will have wifi to stream, and also that a lot more apple entertainment products will start to come out that will fully integrate with your other peripherals wirelessly. I think the set top box is soon to become a reality but I am confident that apple will knock my socks off with new products that I didn't evne know you could integrate into the digital lifestyle.
Posted by: whitlock

Re:Airport express - 06/09/04 08:31 AM

i am seriously thinking about it because i just have a 802.11b station and this is a signifigant jump. it will also allow my roommate and i to stream our itunes music. right now we just plug the ipod into the amp, and it makes a lot of noise. plus it's so slim that it would make a great addition to any home. on a lesser note, i wonder if the configuration is just like the other base stations...
Posted by: oojacoboo

Re:Airport express - 06/09/04 09:01 AM

This product is truly awesome. At first I saw the name and though, ehhhh. But, then I started thinking, what if you could extend your network, which it does, and then I read about the connection to a stereo, and I though, ingenius! This is the perfect addition to anyone's home. No more CD's! Everyone can just put their computer on random and stream it over 802.11g directly to the stereo. This product took all those other ones on the market, right out of the market. The next step is for apple to include with this video and pictures through a video out port. Then it would be the ultimate. Nonetheless, this is by far a great product and I will be getting one soon.
Posted by: michYankeeFan

Re:Airport express - 06/09/04 09:27 AM

This is a huge step for Apple. I like the fact that it acts as a bridge to extend your existing network. The AirPort Extreme base station I have has no antenna port. With a two story house this is small and portable enought to fit anywhere.

As for future products, Apple would be crazy not to come out with a wifi iPod. Not only could you stream wirlessly, but you could also purchase songs from the iTunes music store whenerver & wherever. All you would need is your iPod & a wifi connection.

Apple would then need to add multimedia functions to the airport express. I agree with oojacaboo that this is an excellent start but video & pictures would be better. Still, not bad for $129.