Airport Express

Posted by: karl

Airport Express - 06/08/04 11:41 PM

Man I want to order one of these. I love the possibilities that this offers. Personally I think the USB port is useless if you want to hook it to your stereo. Who wants a printer next to their home theater system? Airport Express Also how long till this gets a modded antenea? Looks like it might be a tight squeeze.
Posted by: pzykotic

Re:Airport Express - 06/09/04 02:51 AM

I'm so glad when I moved to this apartment I didn't bring a stereo for the livingroom (I have my expensive speakers hooked up to my computer), otherwise I'd definitely order one of these and curse at apple for freakin' having the COOLEST GADGETS EVER. mad laugh
Posted by: scottk

Re:Airport Express - 06/09/04 05:10 AM

I ordered one today. I couldn't wait. I have decent speakers but they crackle every once in a while. I am buying creature speakers for the bedroom (4.1) for the airport extreme so I have music in the living room and bedroom.

XM in the living room through creature speakers now. iTunes there, too, if I change plugs. Simple.
And itunes in the bedroom with wireless transfer. Wow!!
Posted by: Anonymous

Re:Airport Express - 06/09/04 10:01 AM

Very cool, and definitely out of left field.

Personally I see little point in having one, given my setup. I have a couple of fairly decent speakers setup in my office that are attached to my main computer, which has all my modded/downloaded iTunes music on it. With the power of iTunes networking, I have all of my CDs burned on to my other computer and can play them through my main computer.

Since I have a good majority of my favorite music on my iPod, I just plug this into my stereo receiver and enjoy through my Bose Acoustimass 10s. My CD collection is right next to the stereo, which I can use on my CD changer that I bought before the iPod was probably even thought of.

As far as wireless networking is concerned, my two computers are 10 feet apart in my office. A $70 router and a couple of Ethernet CAT 5 wires is a lot cheaper than the $130 Airport system.
Posted by: CapitolK

Re:Airport Express - 06/09/04 10:08 AM

I'm getting one. I already have an Asante 802.11g router, but I can use it to stream music over AirTunes and put it in my laptop bag when I travel, even to family members houses.
Posted by: joegekko

Re:Airport Express - 06/09/04 08:24 AM

The only way I can see this thing being more useful is if it had a LAN port instead of a WAN port. That way, I could get wireless access for my PS2. No more cat-5 across the living room, PLUS iTunes on my stereo... That would be nice.

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Posted by: Anonymous

Re:Airport Express - 06/09/04 08:04 PM

Not that it is a big deal, but Apple also released iTunes 4.6 today to be compatible with the Airport Express. More here...