Posted by: bird

CONFUSED ! - 10/11/09 06:31 PM

I'm not sure it this is the right place to post this so if not I apologize. have been going to a site called wetcanvas for a few weeks now. It is in my bookmark so I just click and I go. I decided to join so I could have access to all of the site, I filled out name etc, read the agreement and checked it then for what ever reason I decided to go see if my gmail address was correct.......yep you read that right, then going back I did something wrong and didn't return to sign in...sigh! Then I hit my bookmark and I get this

FastCGI Error

The FastCGI Handler was unable to process the request.
Error Details:

The FastCGI pool queue is full
Error Number: 4 (0x80070004).
Error Description: The system cannot open the file.
HTTP Error 500 - Server Error.
Internet Information Services (IIS)

so i have been checking trying to get back in for an hour, quit trying to get in with my bookmark and tried google etc no joy. I also pulled my bookmark away.....and saw it go poof and tried to get in from main site on google. So what have I done that I can't get back to site. Any ideas in laymens language. Thanks , sad bird in NC.
Posted by: Reboot

Re: CONFUSED ! - 10/11/09 06:59 PM

I can't even get to, must be something on their end.
Posted by: bird

Re: CONFUSED ! - 10/11/09 07:07 PM

Oh thanks ever so much ReBoot for trying to access the site. laugh The fact that you couldn't either gives me hope. Big hug Kiddo and thanks again, smiling in NC again cool
Posted by: Papa

Re: CONFUSED ! - 10/11/09 08:23 PM

It worked for me using Safari.
Posted by: bird

Re: CONFUSED ! - 10/11/09 09:45 PM

I flew in like a ........well like a bird laugh just must have been a bump on their side . Yep I used Safari as well. happy happy!!
She sings in the la la grin
Posted by: Reboot

Re: CONFUSED ! - 10/12/09 12:29 AM

Yep, I can get there now. An intertubes hiccup.
Posted by: Papa

Re: CONFUSED ! - 10/12/09 12:42 AM

It was me clearing the way. grin
Posted by: MacBozo

Re: CONFUSED ! - 10/12/09 01:06 AM

They're using Microsoft IIS. What do you want? Perfection? laugh