Wireless security

Posted by: Papa

Wireless security - 05/01/09 12:54 AM

Is creating a closed network as secure as wep or wpa since the router is not broadcasting it's id?
Posted by: Reboot

Re: Wireless security - 05/01/09 01:23 AM

There are tools to find hidden ssids if someone really wants to.

Do you not want to use a password? If you know who will be accessing the network you can set the router up to only allow those machines. The only way in then is if someone spoofs the MAC address of the allowed machines, which can be done, again, if someone really wants to go that far.

WPA-2 is the safest way.
Posted by: Papa

Re: Wireless security - 05/01/09 01:53 AM

I was having trouble connecting with the wireless adapter I bought for the new mac so I just created a closed network. The network did not show up when I had the Apple wireless adapter put in so I was just curious about the security. I had to type in the name of the network to join which seems to be just as good as having a password. It is longer and more complicated than any password I would use.
Posted by: MacBozo

Re: Wireless security - 05/01/09 04:31 AM

My home network is hidden (closed) and I use WPA2 encryption. The wife's MacMini is set to automatically connect which works most of the time. Sometimes, the router doesn't recognize her mini and I have to reboot the router, but that is rare.
Posted by: MacBozo

Re: Wireless security - 05/01/09 12:43 PM

I also changed the router's IP from the default.
Posted by: Papa

Re: Wireless security - 05/02/09 12:21 AM

i live on Redneck Ave. one block north of Hillbilly St. There are several wireless networks in the area that seem to be secured by locking the front door of the house. I hope that a hacker would choose one of them before he spent all of his time trying to break into mine.